67. The House Of Giovanni (Part 4)

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Adele shook her head " No. Francesco, this is just a dance that our daughter seems to be enjoying. I think our daughter is allowed to have the choice to dance with a boy if she wishes it... But what bothers me is the bigger picture Francesco.... This is it. This is her life. She is the subject of affection of a criminal. She would always be his."

Francesco remained silent looking at her.

Adele whispered " That's what bothers me. The thought of the future. I agree that Tristan is different. He is perfect to take our daughter to the prom. He is honourable... He is polite... He is trustworthy because he is an O'Neil.... But he is a criminal. She will never be free from him. I can see it in his eyes he wants our daughter for a lifetime. I know that look well. I have seen it before... The look I see him giving our daughter is familiar to me... The look he gives our daughter is like how you used to look at me when you first met me. You were young. I was young... That was a long time ago but you never forgot me.... He would never forget her too. He gives her the special look that you gave me all those years ago... I know what this means... So do you.... Does our daughter know what she has let herself into? I certainly didn't know it back then." She was breathless now.

Francesco smiled sadly at her "It will be alright sweetheart. I promise you." He then wrapped his arms tighter around her waist "Come here sweetheart." He hugged her tightly as they were slowly moving to the music.

His touch made her feel calmer. He always put her mind at ease with his reassurance. Francesco was her rock. He always had been.

Francesco whispered "Sweetheart, you need to calm down. Dont get too far ahead here. Nothing has happened. We will protect our daughter. Her safety is what matters to us... We will get through this as a family... I promise you."

Adele took a deep breath " I love you Francesco ..."

Francesco whispered " I love you too sweetheart... you gave me these three beautiful children and I vowed to you since the day they were born that I would protect them... Don't fear anything sweetheart..."

Adele took in Francesco's words. He calmed her down. He just did... But still it was hard to not think of her daughter's fate. Vienna was right there in front of her eyes dancing with the young man who was possessively looking at her. Tristan had his arms on her baby daughter's waist and was staring intensely into her eyes in a way that even made Adele nervous who was meters away. He had staked his claim. Her daughter was in this silent convenant that he hadnt even declared for life.

Tristan at times also looked around him on high alert as though warning off unwanted attention. The look in his eyes said it all. Stay away from her as she is mine. His eyes were looking for  threats and once he found none he looked at his daughter possessively again. What was she to make of this? Where was she standing. This young man had waltz into her daughter's life and her life was not her own anymore just like how Adele's life was never hers after Francesco met her. After Francesco staked his claim she became his.  He left her for ten years only to return to claim her back but still she was always his. Was her daughter reday for this? It really was not the question of whether Tristan loved her or not. He did. She could see it in Tristan's eyes. Until now Adele never caught Tristan looking at her daughter like that. He was never close to her or when he was he must had hidden his feelings well.

Tristan could feel Adele's gaze from time to time as he was dancing with Vienna. He wished he didn't mind but he did. The look of doubt and concern she was giving Vienna didn't sit well with him. Wasn't she approving of him? He didn't like that at all. She hadn't even met him properly. She didn't know of his intentions. She didn't know what Vienna meant to him. He hadn't had the chance to declare how he felt for Vienna in his interrogation that hadn't even happened yet. Vienna's mother was looking at them with judging eyes. That bothered him. But then she looked away. He took a deep breath and turned to Vienna who was dancing to music with slow steps as she kept glancing up at him and looking away at times. Her shyness was not ideal but it was adorable to watch. She reached perfection when no other girls did in his eyes. He didn't know how to tell her how much he truly loved her. It was impossible.

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