Prologue, Part 1 ~ All Coming Back

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/March 3, 2030; 8:00 am, Lawton Family's Residence - Bedroom ~ ???'s POV/

My eyes opened as the light of the sun hit them. I sat myself up and opened the drawer on my side table. Pulling something out of the drawer, I relaxed my back on the bed's backside. The struggles of being old... My back already hurts just by sitting up...

"Ow..." I uttered out as I relax my back, then sighed relaxingly. My back doesn't hurt that much now, thankfully.

I, then, began to unfold the thing that I pulled out of the drawer. It was a note, by the way. Looking at the beautiful handwriting, it reminded me of the good days. Those good old days... When everyone was happy... When my family was still complete... Yet, it also reminded me of the current situation of the one who wrote it...

Unknowingly, tears started to flow out of my eyes. I missed her... It's been so long... It's been too long... So many years have passed away... She still hasn't returned... She's dead... That's what I thought anyway... Her status is still unknown, as of now...

I started reading the contents of the note silently:

Dear Artie,

My love... As much as it hurts for me to do this, I have to. This is the only way I can think of to solve the mystery about my parents' disappearance. But don't worry, I won't be away for long. I promise, I'll be back. It might take a while...but I will. For Ves and Cel...and especially, for you, I will return. I promise you that.

Goodbye for a while, Artie... You will always be my baby.... I love you! <3

Will always be yours,
Evie Lawton

I sobbed loudly. I still miss her... Even after so many years, I still do. Part of me was still hoping that she's still alive...somewhere, anywhere. But the other part gave up. I feel empty. Like I'm in an empty void, waiting for someone to rescue me...but no one came...

Yes, my son and daughter are there for me... But the feeling that your wife is still in an unknown status, makes me feel alone... It's a different feeling when she's here, okay?

I missed every single thing that she does when she was still here... The way she caress my sky blue hair for me to fall asleep... The way she tells me a bedtime story before going to sleep... The way she wakes me up every morning so we could eat the pancakes that she cooked and brought on bed together... The way she cuddles with me...

I was crying out loud now... Tears were flowing down my face uncontrollably... Loud sobs escaping my mouth...

"Evie, my love... I miss you so much..." I sobbingly whispered as I closed my eyes and bit my lips to try and control my tears. "I really wish you were here... Your baby Arthur really misses you..."

/March 3, 2030; 9:00 am, Lawton Investigations Office ~ Vesgate Lawton's POV/

I was sitting on my couch and was staring at the stone necklace. I still haven't uncovered the mysteries of this necklace... Ugh... Where did this thing came from?

I went outside the office to catch some fresh air and also to wait for Angel, my loving girlfriend. I took a deep breath and looked at the sky. The sunshine hit my eyes, making my eyes squint. The necklace was still on my hands... I gripped it tighter... Why do I care so much about this necklace anyway? It's like the one who gave it was so important to me...

Suddenly, I heard a faint ring of a telephone inside the office. I quickly got inside the office to answer the call.

I picked up the phone and put the receiver near my ear. "Hello?" I asked. "Vesgate Lawton, speaking."

"Hello, Lawton." The caller's voice was feminine so I assume that the caller was female. Her voice was also chilling and scary. "I am the one known as Mysteria. I was the one who told your father where his wife was missing to years ago."

"W-what...?" I asked, confusingly. "My father told me about you! Y-you're the one who tricked him!"

"Now, now... I am here to tell you all the truth. No tricks, no nothing. Just the exact truth."

My eyes widened. "I... I have tell this to my father!"

"Oh that would be a great idea. I'll call back later." With that, she hung up.

Dad... This is another chance to find his wife! Our mom! I gotta tell this to everyone including Cely!
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