MHH-CHAPTER 56:Real Talk

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Anne's POV

"Let's play a game," Me

Believe it or not, I am asking John to play a game with me. Hilarious and creepy right? Yeah, definitely.

An expected shock was drawn in his face.

"What? Are you serious?," John

"Yes. Come on!," I said with a smile. I don't know I just feel playing a game right now. Pakiramdam ko one minute masaya ako, one minute malungkot then maya maya pa galit. Ayst.

"Ok, what is it?" nakangiti niyang sambit.

"This is my kind of game," me then I went to our kitchen, grabbed the things that I'm gonna need in case of emergency.

Nang makabalik ako ay sobrang gulat si John at napaurong. Sunod sunod na paglunok tapos tinanong niya ako habang inaayos ko ang mga kakailanganin sa laro

"Y-you're kidding...right?," John

"What? No! Lapit ka na dali ! Para masimulan na!," utos ko, nag aalangan man pero lumapit pa rin siya.

Knives. ✔
Handcuffs. ✔
Cheese grater.✔
Forks. ✔

Hmm. All complete ! Game !

"Anne, you know that I love you so much right?, there's no need for this--," John

"Rules ! Yes, we need rules. Haha! I'm so excited hubby ! Okay Let's set some rules," me

"Ako na ang magse-set--,"john

"NO ! Hindi pwede okay?!," gigil ko.

"This game is called 'moment of truth' I'm gonna ask you some questions BUT you won't speak unless I'm finished asking. You're not allowed to stand up! No harsh words. Speak for the truth and lastly, TRUST ME," I smiled at him sweetly, oh gosh I want to take photos of him ! He looks ridiculous .

I held his hands, look straight into his dazzling eyes.

....and there's when everything turn serious...

"Who is John before he met Anne?
Who is the John that Anne met?
Who is John if Anne is gone?." I can say that he can't decide if he's gonna answer me or what. It actually feels that he doesn't have the anwers right at this moment. And so I continued.

"I keep on asking myself, who are you?. Sino ba yung John nung wala pa ako? Sino ba yung John na nakilala ko? At sino ba si John pag wala na ako?.......will you ever miss me?. Naging parte ba talaga ako ng buhay mo?. You know that....I....I hate you so much." Kumunot ang noo niya at tila handa na siyang pumrotesta.

"I hate the fact that you're handsome. I hate when girls are drooling at you , when you're giving them the permission to take pictures with you ! I hate when you text or chat other girls, I hate when you answer their calls ! I hate when you're smiling at them ! I hate when you're talking to them ! I hate when I feel that you don't miss me ! I hate seeing you with any other girls ! I hate when you mumble whenever I am asking you about other girls! I hate when you miss our dates ! I hate when you don't reply to my messages ! I hate when you don't answer my calls ! I hate when you stay out so late ! I hate when you're angry at me ! I even hate when you're smiling at another woman ! Tsk.....I hate you 'coz...I love you so dang much John. It turns out I care so much for you, that even the smallest thing that you failed to do to me could hurt my feelings. I have loved you, it's obvious 'coz I usually get jealous, I get mad for every little mistake, I worry too much and....I was afraid. Never in my entire life have I been afraid to lose something.....or someone. Never until I met you. Of all people, I never thought I can be loved by someone very special like you," me

As a matter of factly, I don't even have an idea on what I am's just that I'm letting my heart and mind cooperate and leave the speaking to my not so nice mouth.

I can never tell what he is feeling right now, but I am certain that neither the two of us expected this could turn out so serious.

"John...when I'm gone. . .  would you ever miss me?,"

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