Chapter 14

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//your pov//
Graduation day!!! I can't believe it! All our hard work has payed off! I walked to my closet and got out my dress for the party after the ceremony,  I took out a (f/c) knee length dress,  it was half (f/c) and half black.

Along with that I took out some silver heels/flats

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Along with that I took out some silver heels/flats.  I took a shower and got dressed,  Adrien is picking me up in an hour,  so I (hairstyle) my hair and put a little/fair amount of make up.  My mom heard the doorbell,

"Mom can you get that!? It might be Adrien!" I shouted from my room.  I heard my mom open the door and Adrien walking in. 

I walked out of my room and went down the stairs only to hear a whistle.  I smiled and kissed my boyfriend. It was a long kiss,  that is until my mother took a picture...

"Mom!!" I says while blushing,  my mother laughed and told us to pose for pictures,

"Don't worry mon petite Chaton! It's fine,  I like posing for long as you're in it of course" he said making me have a slight blush.


"(Y/n) (L/n)" the principal called my name,  I stood up and walked up to him,  I got high honors and a bunch of other important crap.  In the end I ended up being a valedictorian person thingy.  So I had to make a speech.

"I'm so happy to be here! I'm so lucky to have gotten such a great education at Collège Françoise Dupont, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all the great support I got from my teachers, my friends, my family and last but not least my very handsome boyfriend. You see, life is like a hallway full of doors, you find the key to a door and find what's inside, it could be success or it could be failure. Eventually you will go through some hard times while trying to find the key for the right door. Let me tell you a story, before I moved to France I lived in Texas, I thought I was going to spend my whole life in the US, that is until I had to go to this ballet rehearsal, my dad drove me there. After a couple of minutes into the rehearsal my teacher got a call, she hung up and told me that my father died in a car crash. That was one of the most difficult times in my life, I guess I couldn't find the key...but then I had to move to France because I was still under age, and my mother lives here. Thanks to that ballet practice I came across this opportunity to open a door that I had ignored, a door that will lead me to success and happiness, where I can live peacefully with my friends, my family, and the love of my life, Adrien Agreste. Thank you so much for helping me up to where I am." I said, people clapped and clapped, some cheered. The principal signaled me to go back to my seat, which I did.

"Adrien Agreste" Adrien got up from his seat and walked to the speech podium.

//Adriens pov//
-I walked to the podium and cleared my throat to catch everyone's attention.

"Um,  hello!" I said,  oh gosh I'm such an idiot,  hello? What the heck!?

"Hi!" I heard Nino shout from his seat,  that made me chuckle,

"I wanted to thank you all for helping me be who I am today,  for being there for me when my family couldn't.  I want to give special thanks to my friends, Nino,  Alya,  Nathan, Drea and Marinette.  They have helped me in every way they could. I would also like to give thanks to my girlfriend,
(y/n) (l/n),  the most kind,  beautiful,  talented young lady I've met.  Today at the party,  we are supposed to give our loved ones a present,  but I can't wait any longer! (Y/n) I love you with all my heart,  you are always there for me,  through thick and thin and I want to return that favor to you.   So that's why I ask you miss (l/n)...will you marry me?" I said.

//your pov//
-"will you marry me?" Adrien said,  right after that sentence a spotlight turned on above me,

"YES!!!" I shouted so that everyone could hear -yes I'm looking at you Chloé!- I ran to Adrien and gave him a hug, then I kissed him.

"I love you" we both said at the same time.

I wonder...

What will the future hold for us?

This chappie is slightly shorter than the other ones.  Why? Well because one,  it's 10:41pm and two,  I'm watching the Olympics! And also waiting for them to present Venezuela...that are only at Madadascar... 😅 the next chapter might be a little shorter than this one.  I start school in 5 days sooooooo...yeah. 

//important question//

Should I add a lemon in the next chapter? Or should I leave the lemon to your imagination?


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