Chapter Eight

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It was dark, cold, and wet. Harley could feel her skin burning and tingling from the acid. She wasn't dead and was she awake.
But she could hear and see things, terrifying things in her head.
First she saw her exboyfriend and that girl together in her bed, second Bernie and the horrifying car scene they had took place when he died, and finally the haunting smile of The Joker and he pushed her into the acid.
She could hear whispers going through her head, but she couldn't make out what they were saying.
Harley was terrified and alone.
Then she heard a voice.
"Harley! Doc! You awake?" She could recognize the voice. It was the Joker. Her eyes fluttered open and saw the Clown Prince sitting on his knees, towering over her with a grin on his face.
"You're finally awake!" Joker cheered happily. Harley sat up slowly, she was scared to move because she thought that it would hurt and burn even more.
Joker stood up straight. He didn't have his shirt off, he had on a red dress shirt, silver tie, silver jacket they went over the shirt, black dress pants, and black shoes.
"Here, put these on. It's the only thing I could find on a short notice. Plus I didn't now your size" Joker said as he threw her some clothes. He then helped me up.
"I'll be outside in the car, you be getting ready, Dollface." Joker said as he walked out the door and towards the car. Harley looked at the outfit, the shirt we white with a few red stripes at the sleeves it said Daddy's Lil Monster on the front of it, there was also a pair of blue and sparkly short-shorts, a pair of stockings, a jacket, and a pair of black and white six inch high heels. Harley took off her soaking wet clothes revealing just a red bra she put on the shirt and the rest of the clothing. She started to walk down the stairs slowly and carefully. She walked out of the door and saw Joker sitting in his car. Harley walked over towards him and got in.
"Now, let's get drivin'." Joker said.

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