Welcome To This Chatroom!

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***GuardianLeaderSuho has created a group 'EXO'***

***GuardianLeaderSuho has been promoted to Admin1***

***GuardianLeaderSuho had added PandaTao, MarshmallowMin, OhSehun, LuDaDeer, Kai, Lays, D__O, Kevin, BaekhyunBunny, Chen!Chen! and Chanyeol to this chat***

GuardianLeaderSuho: Hello Everyone! And Welcome to the EXO chatroom!

Kevin: Suho... What is this...?

GuardianLeaderSuho: It's a group with all the members.

BaekhyunBunny: We can all see that. 😒

GuardianLeaderSuho: 😑

GuardianLeaderSuho: It's been a while since we all spoke together. Like a group. Since we all started living in our own homes, and stopped hanging out as much.

GuardianLeaderSuho: I thought it would be a good idea if we all got reconnected and so I made this group chat to make it easier for us to communicate.

PandaTao: We live in the same house. 🙄

GuardianLeaderSuho: /facepalms/ I know Tao. But the twelve of us don't live together anymore. 😒

MarshmallowMin: I think it's a good idea. 🙂

LuDaDeer: Yeah, it's been a while since I spoke to someone other than you and Sehun

Kai: You speak to me... 😐

LuDaDeer: Yeah but yknow, you don't count because we live together 🙄

Kai: True true

Chanyeol: Hello Everyone!

Kai: hi

D__O: ^^^

Kevin: Hello Chanyeol

BaekhyunBunny: sup

Chen!Chen!: How is everyone?

LuDaDeer: Good Good 😉

Lays: wait why am I getting all these notifications for?

Lays: who r u ppl

BaekhyunBunny: Lay I will smack you across the head. Your late reactions and forgetfulness. Ugh. 🙄

GuardianLeaderSuho: ...

Lays: I love you too

BaekhyunBunny: 💕

***GuardianLeaderSuho has promoted Kevin to Admin2***

Lays: Okay, so I didn't actually forget all of you.

Lays: But who tf is Kevin?

Chen!Chen!: I was wondering the same thing

***Kevin has changed his name to Kris***

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