Chapter 4

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[I wouldn't care if no one was by my side, but all I would ask for is you.]


Dedicated to: gemac54
For being a special someone in my life. You're really sweet and I would thank you for being a part of my life.


The boys walked casually, chattering among themselves. Their voices filled the silent street that had a deadly silence. After seeing the familiar sight of the school, their pace slowed down.

"Fuck school..." Yoongi groaned, complaining about the Math homework he had.

"You want to fuck school?" Taehyung winked at the sleepy boy.

"Shut up, Tae. I can't fuck a building." The latter stated. The three boys who weren't engaged in the conversation looked at the couple in an amused manner.

"Why? The building is too big for you?" Tae joked while Yoongi simply glared at the boy, he was currently too tired to do anything.

The conversation was dragged to their newly-joined classmates.

"Jimin seems like a nice person. He is fun, cute, handsome, his eyes are like, 'Wow!'. And the way his hands slide through his hair, it's so sexy. Plus, his thighs are so..." Taehyung commented.

"Do you like him?" Hoseok asked. Yoongi glanced at the weird boy beside him, waiting for his answer. But Yoongi wasn't the only one, Jungkook was also anticipating the answer.

"I don't know...seems nice to me." Taehyung shrugged. He changed the topic. "What about Namjoon hyung?"

"He's nice too..." The oldest of them all, mumbled quietly while blushing secretly. Well, it wasn't secretly. Everyone saw it and started teasing him about it.

"Imagine them about making out on the couch?" Hoseok smirked, while Jin blushed harder and hid himself behind his hands.

"Who tops?" Taehyung asked, winking at Jin who gasped at the question.

"It's obviously Namjoon hyung." Jungkook answered making Jin hit the maknae repeatedly as the others just chuckled.

"Having fun without us?" They heard a familiar voice in front of them. Of course, the voice belonged to Kim Namjoon.

"Oh. Hi..." Jin noticed the presence of his crush and mumbled about to himself, blushing and keeping his eyes on the floor.

"Hyung~" Jimin's voice shouted down the hallway. He jumped on the back of Namjoon, "Hyung, how could you leave me like that?" His hands on Namjoon's neck, he wrapped his legs around Namjoon's waist.

"Ugh! Get off me." Namjoon groaned. "You're so fat!" Namjoon shouted at the boy who got off.

Jimin didn't like people calling him fat. He knew he was fat but why do people have to say it to him. He has been on his diet for the past three months but nothing changed. He hated himself for being like this but no matter how much he tried to grow skinnier, he couldn't. He bit his lower lip and looked down.

", I am sorry, okay? I didn't mean it like that." Namjoon silently cursed himself. He knew Jimin felt insecure about it. He caressed the cheek of Jimin, who silently nodded.

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