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Pen Your Pride

Miley's POV

Miley: I'm so glad that you're back.

Justin: But I never left you, You left me.

I giggled.

Miley: Can we drop the subject?

Justin: Sure...Have you ever...had sex?

Miley: No wel- 

I got cut off by Justin.

Justin: I know you want it.

I smiled.

Justin got ontop of me and started kissing me. He took my dress off and threw it on the ground.

I helped Justin unbuckle his pants and I threw it onto the ground.

I felt his tongue darting between my lips and tangling with my own as he kissed me forcefully.

He groaned, having never felt that sensation before and it drove him wild.

I straddled his legs, going back to attacking his neck and roaming my hands underneath his shirt. Justin’s stomach muscles quivered and he felt my smile against his skin.

End of Miley's POV

"Justin," she breathed, lips a inch from his ear and oh god was that her hand traveling higher? "Please don't tell anyone, please?"

Justin nodded and whispered "I would never baby"

Justin's POV

I sucked on Miley's breasts and she moaned in pleasure. I bit them softy and she arched her back.

Miley: Justin.

She Whimpered. I grinned and kissed her extremely passionately.

Justin: I love you so much. 

I kissed her neck and made why down to her thong. Miley moaned and looked at me as I pleasure her. Her breathing shortened as I hit her G spot everytime. I slid my finger out and slid my tongue inside her. Eating her out. She covered her mouth from not screaming and threw her head back. I felt her fingers run through my hair as I licked her.

Justin: Oh baby girl.

Miley: Oh baby!

She moaned while finished her orgasm. I grinned and started kissing her roughly. She kissed back then pushed me off of her. She climbed on top of me and rubbed the big boner I had in my boxers. I bit my lip. She looked into my eyes and grinned. I felt her fingers interwine with mine as she grind on me. I laid my head on the pillow and groaned in pleasure.

Miley was breathing heavily and she yawned.

Miley: o-o-ok we should stop now.

Justin: Yeah

I got off her and he layed beside her.

Miley got a blanket and pulled it over us.

Shortly, we fell asleep.


Okay...The winner of the contest is...Vica Bende.

Congrats Vica Bende and thanks to everyone who entered.

Vica will be in the story in the next chapter :) and I will put up the winning book cover.


Oh my God it was so hard to not blush when I was typing this chapter up. It was so steamy! phew! atleast it's done. :-)

Anyways...Please vote, comment and share.

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