Chapter Seven: Nyron Goes Crazy

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It was almost midnight, Nyron had begun shouting random words and arguing with non-existent people, and Ishti didn't think he could bear it much longer without Da'bral's help. There were few people left in the cantina, and so Ishti was surprised when a tall man wearing a pale grey cloak came in, his face obscured by his hood.

"Where is the other one?" The man said as he approached, his voice rich and deep.
Ishti frowned in confusion, "What do you want?" He asked.
"I want to hire you!" The man replied, as if it were obvious, and Ishti groaned.

At that moment, Da'bral came in, ready to go. "Who's this?" He asked, looking inquiringly at the man as he sat down on a bar stool beside Ishti.
"Ah, here he is!" said the man, "As I was saying to your friends here, I'd like to hire you."
"Get da frick outta here man!" Yelled Nyron.
"Calm down, Nyron!" Growled Ishti, and then turned back to the cloaked man, "But we really aren't open for a job. Not only does it need to come through the Guild anyway, we just lost some friends, and we need to tell their family."
"I'm done with this craphole! I'm outta here!" Shouted Nyron as he drunkenly stormed out.
The man rolled his eyes and turned back to Ishti, "I'm terribly sorry - about your friends. I'll give you 50,000 credits for the job, will that be enough to make up for it?"

Ishti knew that they needed money - not only for themselves, but to pay Kanso to show their condolences for his loss, and 50,000 was a sizeable sum.
"Very well, but it looks like it'll just be Da'bral and I, sorry about that."
But even as he said it, Nyron returned. "Glad to see you came around." Ishti said exasperatedly.
"Yeah, I just had a moment." Admitted Nyron sheepishly, "What do you want us to do, random guy who approaches bounty hunters?"
"I'd like you to kill a criminal for me - I heard you were the best."
"Killing is our speciality." Bragged Da'bral, grinning, "Who's your enemy, my friend, my... rich friend." Nyron laughed manically, "Yeah! Frickin' killin' peeps up in dis joint!"
They all stared incredulously at him, before their employer finally broke the awkward silence.
"I'll tell you the rest somewhere more...private." He said slowly.
"Let's go to the bathroom," Nyron suggested, "It's private there."
"I was thinking in here." The man said, gesturing to a private room.

Ishti paid for their drinks, leaving a tip to make up for the problems that Nyron caused, and they followed the man into the room, locking the door after them. "We should have gone to the bathroom," Nyron smirked, "I know how to keep people out."
Ishti shook his head incredulously, once again amazed at Nyron's insanity, "I bet you do."
"What? I know how to keep people outta the bathroom, that's all." He said with his innocent face on.
"You finished?" The man asked.
"Yeah, sure."
He sighed before continuing, "Your target is on Zygerria, all the information you'll need: location, profile etc., is in here. I can also use it to contact you." He handed a small device to Ishti, but Nyron snatched it.
"What's Zygerria like?" Asked Da'bral.
"Slaver planet." Answered Ishti and Nyron in unison.
"Yeah, I was there once." Confessed Nyron, "You don't wanna know what they did to me."
Ishti looked at Nyron with sudden understanding and pity. He had also had horrible experiences with Zygerrian slavers, and now he finally understood what had sent Nyron so insane.

Nyron wandered over to the door and opened it, calling out to a barmaid, "Hey, barmaid! Look at dis thing!" They were the only customers still there, so nobody knew why she was even there, but she came over anyway, with the same expression on her face as everybody who had met Nyron that night.
"It's a map thingy to some dude on Zygerria."
"I said show it it no-one." The man said furiously, and so, naturally, Nyron stabbed her.
"Oh, sorry." He said, pushing the body under a table. "I don't like secrets, so I called her over, and now she's under the table. The blood'll leave a mark on the carpet though..."
Ishti breathed out slowly to calm himself down. "Let's just do this," he sighed, "Where's the money?"
"Here's 5,000 credits, you'll get the over 45,000 once you return, then you can do whatever you wanted to do."

Nyron grabbed the money and set off out the door. "Let's go!" He shouted enthusiastically, before falling over and passing out.
Ishti hauled him up and slapped him into consciousness.
"Ugh, what happened? I had too much of that rum, I did need it though, you guys are so boring. Ima take my ship, byee!"
"See ya on the planet, then!" Called Da'bral after him, as he and Ishti watched him run into the night. They were about to step onto their ship - a grey, battered freighter with upgraded weaponry - when Ishti remember that Nyron had the information on the target, and the money! Thankfully he'd taken the time to place a tracker on his ship, so they could find him nonetheless, but they'd need to hurry.

They boarded the ship quickly, Da'bral getting to the cockpit with instinctive speed, and took off. As they exited the hyperspace, they felt pounding on the back of their ship, and it rocked violently. Nyron was shooting at them! Da'bral dodged the fire as well as he could, and Ishti hurried down to the gun turret. Their ship had already sustained heavy damage, they wouldn't last much longer. Ishti fired ion shots back at Nyron, who was too focused on his attack to dodge them, and disabled his ship. Nyron managed to launch an escape pod, shooting down to the planet's surface, and Da'bral flew the ship after it, determined to catch him.

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