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SO if you find any 'Leo being the daddy' content. I mostly skimmed than read XD Lazy ik. Just let me no and i'll remove it. 

so if anyone is interested, I'm also writing a story on the side and its called 

Transhumanism . Its only on ch. 3 going on ch. 4 atm.

Hun was sipping cooled whiskey with ice in a short n wide square glass sitting in a louie 16th sofa that was drenched in red velvet and as a fire crackled 15 feet away from him in front of a albino bengal tiger rug and his feet propped up on a glass table. He licked his lips as he took the glass away from his mouth and exhaled out of his nose. "Sir, we-" the man stopped talking as huns Left hand lifted up from the couches arm and his hand becoming flat. It was his way of silencing people. "Come closer." He commanded as the sofa backing was facing the young man. The man walked forward and stood in view of Hun. "Sir we did not capture the baby but i-" he lifted his hand once again. "So you came here to (flings his hand in a circle) to just tell me that you don't have the baby. What good is that to me? Hm?" "I-i'm sorry sir." "If you really were you wouln't be here now would you." And with that the young man left feeling his throat tight and ashamed. As hun took another sip of whiskey as you could heard a door close.

~At the turtles home~

You were eating breakfast with everyone else. It was quiet. Very quiet. All you heard were the munches, and sounds of mouths moving. You sat in between Mikey and donnie as Leo and Raph sat next to each other. You looked up at Don only with your eyes as you put a spoonful of Cheerios in your mouth and as you chewed you looked at Raph. He looked agitated. Leo looked pretty normal. Calmly sitting there eating his stack of pancakes drowned in blueberry syrup. Mikey was eating Trix cereal as Don ate Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Raph was eating Pancakes with the regular sweet, thick syrup. You finished your bowl of Cereal with drinking the milk from the bowl caveman style. You stood up as the chair behind you made a err sound and you squeezed yourself out of the area. You walked over to the sink and washed your bowl and spoon. You placed them in the drying rack. You walked over to the living area and clicked on the TV as you sat down. You sat down and sighed as your back leaned against the couches backing and sunk in. Your eyes lazy as it looked like you had a resting Bitch face. You sat there for about 4 minutes until you turned the TV off and walked towards the exit. You looked over at Raphael as he watched you like a hawk; you looked away and walked through the sewers and tried to find the nearest exit up to the surface. As soon as you touched the Ladder "what do you think your doing?" you look on your shoulder to see Raph's hand then you looked up to him without moving your body. "I'm going to find our baby." "No your not." "Why not?!" "Cause i'm going to." You were expecting him to say "Cause we need a plan" or "We should wait" but he didn't so your next words were at a halt. "you are?" "Yea why did you think I wanted to wait around?" "honestly i wasn't to sure what you were thinking." "I want you to go back home and relax." "No i want to come along." "I prohibit you to come along." Your eyes narrowed as your tone rose. You prohibit me to come along?" "Yes." Raphael didn't raise his voice but he was very stern and clear what he wanted. "Why? I can help?" "How?! How can you help? ( your heart broke a little hearing him say that) You just gave birth! And your bleeding!" "I'm what?" you look down at your legs. He knelt down on his one knee and put both his hands on both shoulders "Look y/n, I care and love you. Thats why you need to stay down here. I need to know you won't be hurt. I mean (he chuckled a bit with the next sentence.) Look at yourself. *He pulled out his sai for you too look at* your exhausted." you took his sai and looked at yourself as your face was on each separated blade-prong thing. Your face was still pail as your eyes were heavy. You leaned against the wall on your side as you looked at him "I'm ugly." you complained. He laughed "Your not ugly, you just need to get some rest." "Besides. I cant loose you. We already lost our girl." You looked down as you felt like u needed to cry but held it in. He gave you his puppy eyes "Please..Go home babe?" "Awe nawh nawh-neh neh no don't-dont give me the eyes." He fluttered his eyes at you as you then sighed. "Fiiiinneee. I'll go home. But please..find our baby girl." He kissed your forehead. "I won't come back until I do." He then climbed the ladder and watched him close the manhole cover as the the only light helping you see was the sunrays squeezing through the cracks and the holes in the manhole cover. You exhailed as you headed back to the lair. 

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