I'm laughing so hard right now.

My aunt messaged me on Facebook asking to know if you like someone's pic accidently and unlike it immediately after, if they still get the notification. I said I didn't know, and she told me she wanted to know because she was stalking the wife of the guy she used to have a crush on in college, & accidentally like a pic of them together. i'm crying my aunt is so weird.

but hey here's a mushy, gushy love-sick chapter for you, kinda.


Harry’s POV:

          The beautiful view of the beach in Miami was what I loved about our hotel room. I could just look out the window and there’d be the big blue ocean and clean white sand. No wonder Kelsey loved Miami so much – not only did she grow up here, but the place was absolutely beautiful.

          Speaking of beautiful, I looked over to see Kelsey still asleep on the bed, her blonde hair spread out on the pillow under her and her baby bump covered with the blankets on top of her body. I smiled at the sight of her, running a hand through my hair as I pick up the hospital phone and order room service for breakfast.

          I put on a shirt as I waited until there was a knock on the door. I opened it, revealing a man dressed in khaki pants and a dark green shirt, and I opened the door wider so he could push in the cart of food.

          “Thank you,” I smiled as I tipped him before he nodded and left.

          The cart was full of pancakes, French toast, some fruit, orange juice, and what Kelsey had been craving for lately – porridge. Walking over to Kelsey’s side of the bed, I bent down and pushed back some hair that had fallen on her forehead.

          “Kels,” I whisper in her ear, “wake up, babe.”

          Kelsey stirred a bit before her eyes blinked open, letting me see her beautiful blue irises. “Morning,” she mumbled, stretching her arms out as a yawn escaped her lips.

          “Morning,” I reply, smiling down at her. “Come on, room service got us food.”

          She smiled and sat up on the bed, taking the pony tail on her wrist and tying her hair into a messy bun. I pull the cart in front of us as we sit on the edge of the bed, and Kelsey immediately goes for the porridge like I knew she would. I take some orange juice for myself and start digging into the pancakes.

          “So what do you want to do today?” I ask Kelsey.

          We had been here for about two days and were leaving day after tomorrow, so I thought it’d be better if we actually did something before going back to London. I glanced at Kelsey, who put down the half empty bowl of porridge.          

          “I was thinking if we could…” Kelsey began, clearing her throat, “maybe go to the cemetery? I wanna visit my mom’s grave.”

          My eyes soften as Kelsey nibbles on her bottom lip. My right arm wraps around her shoulders as I pull her into my side, pressing a kiss to her temple. “Of course, love,” I say, giving her a small smile. “Do you want to go after breakfast or later?”

          “Could we go after breakfast?” she asks, looking at me, “I feel like the sooner we go the better.”

          I nod, squeezing her arm. “’Course.”

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