Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Julia's mom dropped Lizzie, Julia, and I off at the game and we met Katie, Asher, Jake, and their other friend Cameron Sylvestri at the entrance to the football stadium.

"Woooh, lets go Sharks!" Cameron shouts and then pumps his fist in the air as if he's at a rock concert or something.

Daytona Beach High School's mascot was a great white shark and honestly I think the mascot costume looks pretty stupid. I can see the guy dressed as the shark just past the ticket booth doing jumping jacks. Lizzie sees him too and we both crack up.

"You know, I tried to convince Evan to volunteer to be the mascot and you know what he said? That it would ruin his precious reputation." Lizzie says mockingly.

I roll my eyes. "As stupid as it may look, Evan would probably get even more popular than he already is if he volunteered," I point out.

"True!" Lizzie laughs, "speaking of Evan, I have to text him and tell him we're here."

After we all get our tickets, we search the huge crowds of people sitting or standing up on the bleachers. Mostly all of the seniors are standing up, or those who are part of the "hype squad" and they're all wearing our school colors, blue and white. I look through the sea of painted blue and white faces and other kids who are just dressed normally and then I spot a small crowd at the top left corner of the bleachers. And what do you know, its Evan Rogers and company. I point them out to my friends and we all walk up the steps of the bleachers to them.

"So then I say to him, I say nah man you a psycho ass not me," Evan says laughing and all of his cronies laugh with him. He then sees us standing over him and he grins widely. "Hey guys how's it going?"

He and his friends stand up to slap hands and fist bump Asher, Jake, and Cameron. Lizzie then impatiently taps Evan on the shoulder. He turns around and scoops her up in a hug. "Hey baby," he says, and they both kiss dramatically.

I look away feeling a little sickened by the two of them. I haven't actually outright told Lizzie that I dislike Evan Rogers and I don't plan on it. After all she would probably defend him or not care at all. So I just plaster a friendly smile on my face and hope that they both buy it.

When we're all settled down, I volunteer to go and get everyone some popcorn at the concession stand. Julia agrees to go with me because we both feel kind of claustrophobic from being surrounded by all these loud, obnoxious guys.

"Hey, Nori, get me a Coke while your at it will ya?" Evan yells at me and then smiles.

I can't help but grimace at his nickname for me and the fact that he expects me to just waste money on him. Whatever.

The line for the concession stand is super long so Julia and I decide to wait for the line to get a little shorter. In the meantime we lean over the railing overlooking the stadium which also includes a track winding around it.

As we talk the game begins and by the end of the first quarter, our team is winning 14-0. By now the line for food has shortened and I suggest to Julia that we get in line. She doesn't reply however.

"Julia, hello?" I say, waving my hand in front of her face, "whatcha looking at?"

"That new guy Daniel is here!" she says excitedly, pointing to where he is standing not very far away. He's standing by himself and looking out at the field. He's wearing one of those grey beanies that I've always asked Asher to wear because I think they look really cute on guys but he always said that it wasn't his "style." But looking at Daniel wearing it, I almost think that he looks better in it than Asher would if he wore one.

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