Chapter Twenty Six

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Chapter Six: Wait Here

Ace's P.O.V.

I looked down at my phone and saw the message. I went into panic mode and I had to text her back.

Me: What do you mean?

Me: Are you Okay?

I looked down, there was still no response. People don't just show up uninvited after being gone for fifteen years. Plus, how did he even know where to find her. I looked down at the screen again and still nothing.

Me: Violet, what's going on?

I was really hoping that he didn't do something to her. Violet always responded, even if she was angry. It was her way of letting me know that she was okay, because even if she hated me, she never wanted me to worry. Still nothing.

Me: Are you happy to see him?

It finally occurred to me that she might be happy and maybe they were catching up. If they were, she still would've answered the phone. The worry was getting to me and I couldn't take it.

Me: I'm coming over.

I jumped off of the couch and ran down the stairs and out to my bike. The lights came on when I put the key in and I drove off down the road. When I arrived at the airport, I bought a last minute plane ticket and boarded. It took me three hours to get there, and by that time, it was late and Violet was sleeping. I slid down the wall outside of her dorm. I was tired, and I couldn't very well wake her up. My eyes fell closed, and I drifted off.

"Ace, wake up," I heard in the distance. I felt a kiss on my cheek and I opened his eyes. I looked up and smiled when I saw Violet standing next to me. She walked back into the dorm and I went over to the bathroom brushing my teeth, my hair, and then coming back. When I came back, I kissed Violet. I had missed her so much. I pulled away and smiled. I missed doing that. We sat down on her bed and she looked over to me.

"How are you?" I asked. I was worried about how last night went with her dad. She sighed and looked down.

"I'm fine. I hadn't seen my dad in fifteen years, and he suddenly showed up. I thought that maybe he wanted a relationship, but he is hiding from a gang so he wanted to hide here. I sent him away and no word since," she admitted. I hugged her and she hugged back. I expected her to cry, but she didn't. Not in front of me.

"He was never really a dad to me anyway," she said pulling away. She looked into my eyes and I evaded hers.

"I have to tell you something," she exclaimed ignoring it. I looked back at her. I looked back to her eyes.

"First of all, Damon went to school with me a while ago. Second of all, the first time he was here, Amy had company so there was nowhere for him to go, and he climbed into bed with me. I didn't know till I woke up, and nothing happened. He also came here last night looking for Amy, but he found me crying over my dad, so he comforted me. Again, nothing happened, but I thought that you should know because if you find out later it will seem like I was hiding it and I don't want to secrets between us," she explained.

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