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John Doe: Prologue

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When he was born, the doctors said he was unremarkable. When he started school, his teachers said his grades and performance were unremarkable. His parents had more kids, and they thought he was the least interesting of them all. He started doing things to make himself even less noticeable. Not wearing his hair in his face or always walking with his head down, because that makes you a target for bullies. Rather he kept his hair at medium length, wore a simple t-shirt and blue jeans everyday, and kept up conversation, but anything thing he had to say wasn t too interesting.

18 years of making himself completely and totally unremarkable was one of his proudest feats. He enjoyed being lost in the crowd; he found people who stood out to be attention seekers. He found them utterly pathetic. He graduated with average grades, got into an average college, and continued with his unremarkable life. He did exactly what everyone expected of him, which wasn t to excel but to get by.

4 more years go by, and almost nothing has changed. He has perfected blending in with people. No one expects him of anything wrong. That s exactly what he wanted. He patiently waits for the right time to unleash what s inside of him. To do that, he had to be completely unremarkable. Easily overlooked for the sort of work he was in.

His favorite hobby was to stare at his hands. He would look over every dip and crease in his skin. Study it to a point, even assume the positions of the atoms in it and how they formed up to create his skin, nerves, blood vessels, and such. He concentrated on the position of every single atom in his hand. He practiced all the time, until he knew his hand, well like the back of his hand! He knew this was the first step. To be able to reconstruct the complete picture of his hand in his mind.

Once he was able to do that in his sleep, he studied different objects. Vases, glasses, forks, bracelets, anything he could observe for hours at a time. He was able to produce a perfect picture down to the smallest of details of the objects he observed. In his head he imagined piecing it together atom by atom. Reconstructing the object from scratch in his mind. He studied chemistry and physics. He knew every element of the periodic table by heart, and he was very good at guessing what things were made of at the atomic level. He had to be to be able to do what he was going to do in a weeks time.

22 years of living in obscurity, studying objects of almost no importance, were all about to culminate in this single act of power. He would find the atoms in the air surrounding him, and piece them together using his mind. He would reconstruct all of the objects he thought of. In ten years, he would make sure everyone on the earth would know his name, which was of course John Doe.

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