Sex with Austin Mahone

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I was home alone waiting for the crew to come over.
**Knock Knock**

I ran to the door and saw Austin standing their with his hands in his jacket pocket.

He had on basket ball shorts , a white t shirt, Black beanie and black jordans. I would be lieng if I said he doesnt look hot.

he fixed his hair and he walked into the house.

"Where is everyone?" He said confused.

"Im not sure." I started walking to my room to change my shirt and I didnt know Austin was following me. I took off my shirt and he walked into the room sitting in my bed.

"AUSTIN" i screamed covering myself

"Calmn down, I'm just watching tv" He laughed and turned on the tv.

I couldnt find my shirt i was suppost to wear... Oh Great, Its behind Austin on the bed. Perfect.

I walked over to him covering myself. and he started blushing. "I need my shirt" I said laughing. "Come get it" He winked.

He put the shirt under him and I tried to get it but it was usless. Next thing you know we fell ofd the bed and he was ontop of me. oh.

He looked in my eyes then looked down to my lips . He closed his eyes and moved closer. Shit

His pink soft lips met mine. We went from a soft tap kiss to a long makeout session. He licked my bottom lip asking for entrance , I allowed. We were then toung kissing.. My toung explored his mouth. I got cut because of his braces but I didnt care. He started touching my breast and massaging it.

He kissed my jaw line and went down to my neck and started sucking it. He then started unbuckling my jeans and pulled them down.

He started sucking my sweet spot and put his hands in my underwear making me moan. He took his index finger and his middle finger and started fingering me.

"Au-Austin!!" I screamed and he started going faster.

He then stoped , Letting me catch my breath ..

He got off of me and I got on my knees pullimg his basketball shorts down. I saw a lump and started smiling.

"You don't have to suck it if you don't want " he smiled.

"It might be too big" he laughed.

I standed up and started french kissing him and jerking him off.

"(Y/N) That feels good" He moaned. I then got bavk on my knees and pulled it out.


I licked the tip of it teasing him.

"Don't tease me" He smirked.

I put it in my mouth and started sucking. He started thursting back and forth and my toung explored it while I sucked. Suprised it even fit in my mouth.

He stop thrusting and I got up, He picked me up and I wraped my legs around his waste. I sucked his neck while he carried me to the bed.

When we got to the bed he sucked my neck all the way down to my Vagina.

He started sucking and licking my clit. making me moan his name loud.

"Oh Austin!!! " I felt him smile and he came back uo to me and kissed me ew . he just ate me out. we started kissing again and he fingered me once more. All of a udden it went in making me gasp. He started thursting harder and harder. The bed kept hitting the wall and I screamed his name. "AUSTIN! harder!!!" He started thrusting hader if that even posible and he pulled out for a second teasting me. "Hey!" I yelled. "Don't like it right" He smiled and stuck it back in withoit notice. "OH MY GOD AUSTIN HARDER" i screamed and we heard the door open. Zach was standing their.

"Oh... um... I.... Oka.... Bye" He closed the door and started laughing.

well then.

Me and Austin kept on going and the bed kept hitting the wall , we heard Zach laughing but we didn't care.

"Oh, My god. I'm going to cum" I screamed.

"Me too babe" he smiled and thrusted harfer and harder making me scream as my warm liquid spills all over him. We stoped and he layed down next to me.

"I love you (Y/N)" He smiled and held me in his arms and we fell asleep

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