16. Revelations

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I slipped on his tshirt and followed him into the kitchen where he was taking the tops off 2 Coronas.

We sat out on the sun bed, Jay seemingly a million miles away as he no doubt thought about what he was going to say.  The longer he took, the more anxious I felt and I jumped when he suddenly spoke.

"Tracy was always here, as much as any of us kids and it was almost like I had 3 sisters.  She was, is, Amanda's best friend even though she's 2 years older than her."

I suddenly wished I hadn't asked, wished Megan hadn't mentioned her, because he'd only just started speaking and I could already see the pain in his eyes.

"Jay."  I said quietly as I reached for his hand.  "It's okay, don't...." 

He shook his head and laced his fingers through mine.  "For my 14th birthday she gave me a promise.  I was at that age where I was really getting into girls and had my girlfriend over for the day.  We were just swimming and hanging out, I don't think we'd even kissed at that stage, I think I was still trying to work up the courage."  He laughed and I smiled up at him, trying to picture a young Jay who hadn't yet found his confidence.

"I walked her home and when I came back into the house, Tracy was there.  She told me that Amanda would be home in about an hour and that mum and dad had gone shopping.  I don't remember where Megan was.  We were just chatting when she suddenly asked if I wanted my present.  I watched as she reached up under her skirt, pulled her panties off and held them out to me. She said if I got rid of my girlfriend I'd get the matching bra. My fucking hormones were raging!"

He took a sip of his beer and I followed suit.

"So, like the stupid kid I was, I rang my girlfriend and broke it off with her. Tracy had a huge grin when I turned to face her and watched her manoeuvre her way out of her bra and pass it to me. I don't think I'll ever forget what she said next." He whispered.

"The day you turn 16 Jayden, you will be mine. Mine to touch and fuck, to suck and play with. That is your birthday promise."

"I nearly blew my load right then and there and she took a step closer."

"Go put your present away Jayden, make sure they're well hidden, then come back and we'll talk about the rules."

"That was the first I'd heard about any rules, but I honestly think I would have agreed to anything."

"Firstly Jayden, there'll be no girlfriends, no kissing, no flirting, no holding hands, no nothing. When I fuck you, I want you pure. You have 2 years to cleanse yourself and then I'll fuck you so good that you'll never want anyone else."

Jay got up and walked into the house while I tried to absorb what he'd told me and prepare myself for what would come next.  He handed me another beer and we both sipped in silence for a while.

"I don't know how, or why really, but I made it through those 2 years.  She made a point of touching me often, just a brush of the hand, or her hand on my arm, nothing much but it held such promise.  The week leading up to my birthday was the worst.  She would always manage to find me alone and make sure I hadn't forgotten her promise.  As if."

He took a long drink then steadied his breath, his hand reaching for mine as he looked into my eyes. I gave his hand a gentle squeeze and he relaxed a little.

"Without going into detail, she snuck into my room the night of my birthday and she became my first, she took complete control, she was almost demanding in what she was doing and what she wanted from me. It was confusing, but mainly I was glad that the wait was over and I finally knew what it felt like to be inside her."

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