Chapter 40: A Brother Who Knows Best

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He walked through the halls with them, they looked so happy, and he was happy for them. Rivornor smiled at the couple as Eredhelil clung to Deigil's side. He had a sneaky suspicion of what Deigil wanted to speak with him about, but he didn't want to think about it just yet. They were all finally happy, everyone, for the most part. Eglanor was still asleep, and Meathil was always by his side any time when she had no important stuff going on. He'd never loved anyone, not as a non-family sort of way. It always boiled his mind how someone could love someone so much that they would gladly risk their lives for them. He watched it happen through many people, through Meathil, through Deigil, through lots of people. But, no matter how many times he searched, there was nothing that he could do to feel that way. He smiled at the sight of the two princesses link arms, Deigil started to skip but Eredhelil just shook her head and planted her feet firmly on the ground. This made Deigil look at her and pout like a kid, he laughed and that brought the attention straight to him.

"You two are pretty different you know that, I'm surprised you got so along with Deigil so well Eredhelil." The silver skinned princess blushed as if embarrassed, he'd never seen her act like this before. She was so flustered it made him laugh even more. Deigil joined in petting the top of her finance's head gently.

"You are so adorable you know that." Those words just made Eredhelil blush even more. They resumed walking down the icy halls, the cold was pretty bad this year, it was the snow year so it just made everything even more chilly. He had no sleeves on and was frozen to the point where he might have trouble walking in the morning. Deigil was so accustom to the kingdom, it was a good thing since she would be living in it. And Eredhelil...did she even get cold? Literally the girl was wearing a sleeveless dress made of the most thin fabric. He was wearing a sleeveless black leather vest that had nice golden patterns on it. He always laughed at how he never wore any bright colors, Deigil forced him once to put on a pink shirt...He never forgave her. "Here we are." They stopped, now inside of a large meeting room. Eredhelil closed the doors and sat down at the head of the table, with Deigil to the left of her, and him to the right. She closed her eyes and sighed.

"We all knew this was coming," Eredhelil stated, and they did. He knew that the day would come, and the day would come when they would marry.

"I want you to be careful Rivornor, when you do go to Shadowmount make sure no one recognizes you. Try to stay out of the castle, and make matter what...that mother does not see you." He shivered at the thought of it, he never wanted to see her again. In all honesty he was scared of what she would do, what the kingdom would do if he came back. And once word got to Shadowmount about the marriage.... "You're thinking about how disastrous this could end up aren't you? You always worry."

"With good reason, she's one hell of a scary woman. And I am not just afraid for me, but for Meathil and the rest of her bracket. This could end up being a massacre and you know it. Sending them there, even if it is under the Venus Queen's orders, will end up being dreadful." He had to find some way for it to never happen, for them to never reach Shadowmount, to be safe. He couldn't watch all of his friends get murdered again...not again.

"I know it will be hard, and...she will be difficult to convince-"

"Ha! Difficult, more like impossible Deigil. You know what she does, she lies, cheats, deceives, and murders. She is cold blooded, and I will always be ashamed of being her son." Some kids didn't know who their parents were, and always wanted to know. He wished he was one of them, one of them but the ones who never found out.

"We all have crappy mothers, it's nothing that you could've controlled Rivornor," Eredhelil stated, she was right like always. Of course she had a really crappy mother too, the Bengil was not someone who liked to be kind to anyone. The mood got serious and he knew that this was no time to argue.

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