No control

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Keith couldn't control Red. He did his best to slow the large metal lion, but he crashed into a large wooden building. His head flew forward, slamming into the console. Keith's vision blurs as his head pounds.

Red isn't responding, so Keith decides to exit him and look around. He walks out to the best of his ability, but his knees give in and he falls on his back, just outside of the lion. Everything fades, then he felt something wrap around his upper arms and begin to drag him, before blacking out.

"H-Hey!" Keith feels hands on his shoulders. A girl's voice is speaking above him, "I hope you're okay." The hands disappear and he jumps up from the bed, but he begins to fall to the floor dizzily. Hands grab him again, but he struggles and pushes the person away. They fall to the floor on their backside. Keith examines the place. He's no longer in his armor, but his black tee and pants that he had worn beneath are still on.

There is a girl sitting on the floor. She has short, dark chestnut hair that was only slightly longer than Lance's on the top and some of her bangs were bleached so that they looked gold. Her eyes are green and rimmed in blue. Her skin is tanned and even sunburned in some places, peeling in other and she is covered in freckles, sparingly, from head to toe. However, they had clouded significantly on the bridge of her nose.

"Geez..." She sighs. Keith shakes his head to clear it, "Sorry, I was startled..." He keeps a straight face as he helps her back up.

~Her perspective

"So... who are you? Why did you crash in a giant cat mech?" I ask. He seems to be one of those people who doesn't really express emotion, "...It's a lion. My name is Keith." I hear a doorbell, "I'm sorry, but hide!"

I run to answer the door, opening it to see two men with official badges. "Ms. Reeds, have you seen anything unusual in the past three hours?" The one with the notepad asks. I pause to think, "Only you guys, no one really comes up here." The guy behind the first snickers, "Then explain the gaping hole in that shed over there." I look at him, "Pft, that old thing? Wood rotted, caved right in." The first man, who seems more serious, just nods, "And you wouldn't mind letting us see it?"

Before I can answer, they push past me and walk out the back and into the junkyard. They cross it, going into the back where the shed is. "That won't be necessary! There's nothing there, and you can't just bust in here without a warrant!" I yell as I run after them.

"We do have a warrant. Extraterrestrial objects need to be found immediately to ensure our planet's safety." The serious one answers. But when they open the shed, they find only splinters of wood. "Where is it, girl?!" The younger, more impatient one asks.

"I don't know what you are talking about!" I insist. He shoves me to the ground and I cut my leg on a piece of scrap. The older one pulls the other guy by the shoulder, "What the hell is the matter with you, rookie?!" I growl and throw a sharp piece at the man who shoved me. It sticks in his ankle and he yells in pain.

"You little bi-" The older man grabs the rookie by the collar and holds him up, "Stop being such an ass. Go back to the vehicle." The rookie does as he's told, muttering, "Girl's just a nuisance. We need this land to develop shit.

"I'm sorry," The man pulls me up, "I'll make sure he's been reprimanded." He leaves and I go to doctor my wound. Keith comes in and looks furious, "Why was he pushing you around like that?" I shake my head, "This is my family's land. I won't let them build crap and some aren't taking it too well."

"So he's not the first?" I shake my head, "Definitely not the last, either." I smile, "Anyway, I'm Alys Reeds. This here is the Reed Junkyard." He looks shocked for a sec, "Wait, am I on Earth?" I nod, "Yup." He freezes, then smiles, "I'm back home... Earth..." I laugh, "Where were you, Saturn?" His expression turns to a poker face, "I wish I was that close."

Keith explains that he's part of some space organization called Voltron, and they're trying to defeat a race of alien that's trying to take over the entire galaxy, the Galra. I listen to his story, then put my hand on his forehead, "Hmm... no fever... maybe you hit your head?"

Keith smacks my hand away, "I'm not delusional!" He yells angrily. I put my hands up in surrender, "Okay, I mostly believed you, I just wanted to check." I sigh, "Sorry..." Keith looks away, "Where's the red lion? Isn't that where I crashed?"

"Yeah, but I need that roof repaired so I scrapped it as collateral," I say calmly. He stares at me, but I sigh, "Take a joke, will you? That's secretly an air hangar, and you landed on it. Your kitty ship's downstairs..." I take a water bottle out of the fridge, "Thirsty?" He nods and takes it from me as I grab another one for myself.

We walk out to the shed and down the hidden trapdoor. The lion appears to have some fried wires, but the outer panels are intact, just beaten and worn. "The destabilized wormhole must've shorted out the wiring," Keith says as he takes a look at it. "Can you help me fix it?"

I'm leaning on the stone wall, watching as he inspects the robot ship thing. "I can..." Keith looks at me, "But..?" He asks. "You've got to take me with you and teach me to be a pilot." He sighs, "Seriously?" He says, sounding rather annoyed, "Fighting the Galra isn't easy and could easily kill me and my team. Besides, aren't you going to protect your family's land?" I shake my head, "The land's pretty and all, I have grown quite attached to it, true. The only reason I refuse to sell it to the air force, though, is because they won't accept my application to become a pilot. I'm not 'the right kind of person they want flying' or something stupid like that."

"Only reason this place has a hangar is cause' my dad had it built by a couple of his friends for me in the future. I was building a ship of my own until... a giant cat landed on it!" I huff. Keith winces slightly at my angry tone. "Fine, I guess I owe you." I nod and head out to get the wires.

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