The Baby Project.

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It was just a normal day in Evergreen Forest, a small town in the middle of nowhere, where there was an orphanage, foster home, daycare centre, college, high school and the normal places you have in a town. All of the years everyone has a great time at the school, except for one dreaded year, in every school, when a students life is turned upside down...

The Baby project, everyone in the school has to go through this, but in the small town of Evergreen Forest, there is a large twist to this project, that Haley Evelyn Dean and the rest of her senior year were yet to figure out.

Haley had just locked the door to her small bungalow right next to Evergreen High, where she just happens to attend, when the huge crowds of tired students approached her, well not exactly her, but where she was.

This was her first day of her senior year at Evergreen High and she was scared and apprehensive about this year especially, because all senior students have to do the dreaded Baby Project... But this is not your typical Baby Project, you don't have robot baby's to carry around with you all year, you have three month to one year old child to take care of.

As Haley walked into school in her usual white shirt, black skinny jeans, black and blue hi-tops, and a black leather jacket with her plain black rucksack.

Every single one of Evergreen High's students detested Haley, they never spoke to her, so she never spoke to them, Haley has no friends, so she everyday just walks into home room and waits for the bell to ring.

But today Haley Dean didn't have home room, so she just headed to her locker putting her books in and then heading off to the auditorium, were notoriously all seniors on their first day have to report to.

So she sat at the front of the first row and waited...

Finally jut before the bell rang everyone of the seniors filed loudly into the auditorium and waited, waited for Principle Faulkner and Deputy Principle Haler to appear on the huge stage.

It was ten minuets later when both Principles decided to turn up.

"Hello everybody, I'm so glad to see everyone of you here today, I only have a couple more things to do before Miss Haler explains. Today is the day you will find out your partner's for the big Baby Project, and good luck." Mr Faulkner smiled as he handed over to Miss Haler.

Miss Haler went on to explain that everyone will be placed with a member of the opposite sex, and that we only had a couple of rules:

One. Any sign of neglect your baby will get taken away,

Two. You will have the baby for a year no excuses,

Three. Everyone will check up with their form teacher once a week,

Then she told us that we will be given an allergy list with our child along with some necessities etc...

Then she began reading names out,

Mary Dickinson with Jackson Reid.

Georgie Harris with Edward Kin, that's when I started day dreaming...

"Miss Dean?!" Miss Haler asked kindly,

"Sorry Miss just blanked, what did you say?" I asked,

"Please come up here please?" Miss Haler asked,

"Tyler Dawson." Miss Haler shouted to the nearly empty auditorium as I climbed up onto the stage.

"Yes Miss?" The bad boy of Evergreen high asked,

"Come up here Tyler." Miss Haler sighed,

I groaned inwardly, great now I was stuck with a player for a year!

"I'm sorry about this you two, for some reason you have been paired up with twins, unfortunately you two will have to make do, you have got a girl and a boy. For some odd reason they haven't been named yet." Miss Haler sighed.

"Okay, thank you Miss Haler." I smiled as she held out a little three month old girl to me, as I took her Miss Haler sighed,

"Miss Dean, the principle has told me to tell you that Mr Dawson will be living with you this year, because of living arrangements, you will have to tell him everything, I'm so sorry." Miss Haler told me as she picked up the twin boy from the large buggy that had contained less than half of the children,

"Oh and all the equipment has been delivered to your house, Mr Ellis moved a couple of things but everything you had is still there." Miss Haler reassured me.

"Fine." I muttered.

"Okay, Tyler here's a set of Haley's house keys." Miss Haler smiled as she put the keys in his jacket pocket,

"Oh and you can leave straight after you decide on the names for these two bundles of cuteness, Hales there's a buggy waiting outside."

Miss Haler called as she walked outside.

"Hi," Tyler said softly in his deep sexy masculine voice,

"Hi, I'm Haley, but Hale for short." I smiled as the baby girl in my arms snuggled into my arms.

"Hi Haley, I'm Tyler or Ty. I'm sorry about having to live with you, but my parents and now my foster parents threw me out, so I have to live with you." Ty smiled sadly,

"I'm probably going to ruin your ego, but you don't seem as bad as they say you are." I told him truthfully,

"Oh, that's 'cause I'm like you, I also think we'll get along nicely." Ty smirked,

"Okay... So what do you think about names?" I asked,

"Well I think either, Rosie, Faith or Hope." Ty suggested,

"What about Sarah-Jane or Amy?" I asked,

"Are they your favourite companions in Doctor Who?" Ty chucked,
"Oi...well, yes." I muttered,

"Well I like the name Amy." Tyler admitted,

"We'll Amy it is. Ei what do you think?" I asked the sleeping Amy,

Amy just yawned and snuggled into me closer,

"What do you think about Micky, Jack or Ryder?" I asked,

"I'm sorry but one companion is enough, anyway I want our son to have a badass name, Ryder fits the bill don't you think." Ty smirked,

"Fine so Amy and Ryder, our children." I smiled...

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