Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

I walked in behind Andrew, putting the strap of my bag around my shoulder better as for it was slightly slipping. As I walked in, the living room was the first thing you saw, with black leather couches around and a very large flat screen TV, with a coffee table in the middle, and a couple of random pictures or drawings on the wall. I peeked my head in the kitchen, which may I say was very nice, it had goldish color granite counters, a island, a two door oven and a gas stove.

“Kathleen.” Andrew said, I turned to face him, he flicked his head towards the stairs.

“So your names Kathleen?” The boy that answered the door said with a smile…well it looked like a smile but it also looked a smirk. He walked around me twice before standing to the side.

“Kayden, back off. Kathleen come on.” Andrew nodded his head at the stairs again. I shook my head and followed my big brother up the stairs, feeling Kayden, (the very attractive, roommate of my brothers) walking slightly behind me. As you walked straight up the stairs you walked right in the middle of a game room I suppose that’s what it is, there was a big flat screen hanging on the wall, a black couch against the railing of the stairs, and a couple game consoles and such.

There sitting on the couch was a guy, the age of Andrew and his friend Kayden. His brown hair fell in his face as he starred down at a book. He didn’t glance up once, keeping his eyes glued to the story, so I didn’t get much of glimpse. Though, he was in some white basketball shorts, and a blue American Eagle shirt. We walked past him and into a spare room with a single twin size bed off the right, a big window right beside it, a dresser and a TV.

“This is it.” Andrew says, dropping my belongings on the floor. I nod and set my stuff down also as I look at the white comforter on the bed, its pretty with silver designs on it. I know this whole room had to be my brothers idea, I mean this just looked simple like him. There was a black nightstand off to the side.

“Thanks.” I say smiling as I turn to him, he nods, smiles and then turns towards the door.

“Why don’t you get yourself unpacked, I’ll go make you something to eat.” With that he walked away, muttering a few things to Kayden who put his hands in a ‘I surrender’ position. I threw the first bag I could reach onto my bed and started to un pack it.

“So Kathleen, you must Andrew’s sister that he doesn’t talk to very much.” Kayden said leaning against the door frame, I glance at him. And this time I get a good look. He’s in very nice looking jeans, probably designer, in a red long sleeve. His brown eyes glance at the things I’m taking out of my bag, which happens to just be clothes I need to fold and put away.

“Yep, the one and only.” I smile at him and turn back to the shirts.

“Well, I’m Kayden by the way, the really cool one in the house, besides the other freaks who live here.” He rolls his eyes, and I don’t know if he’s playing or not.

“Kayden the cool one? Okay I’ll have to remember that.” I say with a chuckle. He only smirks, flipping his hair out of his caramel eyes. I only stare before turning back to my clothes. There’s a silence between us which I don’t really mind or care for so I just continue with my business, and when I look up I frown. Kayden isn’t in the doorway and I didn’t even hear him leave. Though I shrug it off and get back to unpacking, the faster I do this the quicker I have free time to explore and bond with the brother.


I change into some comfortable clothes, a simple white basketball team t-shirt and some zebra print soffe shorts is good. I re do my ponytail so now my long brown hair is in a high messy bun. I walk out of my room bare foot, hearing my feet collide with the hard wood floor. I grab onto the railing and turn as I walk down the stairs, it’s very silent though I can hear mumbling. I cant quite make it out, so when I step into the kitchen, the talking stops and there standing is Andrew and Kayden. Kayden simply smiles at me and Andrew looks at me before turning back to Kayden.

“Don’t think I wont hurt you Kayden. Even though you’re my friend, I’m not afraid to fuck you up.” Andrew says sternly before walking to fridge and turning to me. “Want a sandwhich?” he ask.

“Uh, no thanks. I’m not really hungry.” I shrug.

“Coming from a girl that eats like a guy.” I hear Andrew mutter under his breath, Kayden laughs and I glare.

My mom once told me that if I had nothing nice to say then to not say it at all and keep it to myself.

“Whatever Andrew, you’re the one that still played with my barbies when you were eleven.” I admit, and he turns to me and Kayden starts laughing loudly.

“Barbies?!” He laughs clutching his stomach.

“Kathleen, wrong move.” Andrew growls and comes chasing after me. I quickly turn and run towards the living room, but being smacked in the face as I fall backwards, hitting the cold wood first with my head. I clench my jaw and grab my head, grinding my teeth. Shit…shit…shit!

“I’m so sorry!” Someone says frantically. “I didn’t see you, I was reading and then you hit me-well more like ran into me but I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you! Are you okay?!” Someone asks. I don’t speak as I’m still trying to recover from the terrible heading that’s now annoying my brain.

“Oh my gosh! She’s unconscious! Call 911!” He yells.

“I’m fine.” I grumble, and I was, this wasn’t the wasn’t that has happened to me. I mean I’ve gotten hit in the head with a softball full speed and had minor Amnesia, go thrown to the floor in basketball landing on my head, causing unconsciousness and being in a coma for two days.

“She’s fine Eric.” Andrew laughs, and I sit up rubbing my head as I stare at the boy that was reading in the game room up stairs. His brown hair is swooped to the side and his green eyes stare at me.

“Are you sure?” He ask, worried glancing down at me. “I’m really-“

“Hey, stop apologizing. I’m fine.” I laugh nervously but for only the throbbing pain to erupt again. I flutter my eyes before putting on a weak smile, seeing his expression not change at all, I smile big, “I’m fine seriously, no biggy.” I say standing up.

“Kathleen.” I introduce.

“Eric.” He says and shoves his hand out looking away, I frown confused but shake it firmly. Dad always told me if a women shook hands firmly then that meant she a very confident girl and independent.

“Well…now that’s over with, you can make us dinner.” Kayden says coming out of nowhere looking straight at me. I raise and eyebrow.

“Who are you talking to?” I ask getting smart.

“You obviously, I mean can you cook right?”

“Cant you, you’re a big boy now. Make your own meal. This isn’t the eighteen hundreds where all girls were good for was cooking and being a good house wife.” I say with a roll of my eyes and walk around him towards my room.

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