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Chapter Three


I pulled up to my house. "Here's my house now you see now let's leave!"

"No let's go inside" Jiyong said smiling.

"No" I said dragging the o.

"Yeah come on" He got out the car walking to the front door waiting for me. I got out my car giving him the evil eye unlocking the door letting him in.

"Okay now you're inside now leave" I pointed to the door.

"No I think I'm fine here" he went up to my room and laid down.

this guy

"Where is my shirt babe" Jiyong asked looking at me.

"Babe? My dude chilll we were never official" I said clarifying things.

"What if I want to be official with you?" He walked closer to me.

"You're are the side dude! the side piece, the side of sides matter of fact you are the king of side pieces" I said walking away.

"I'm not your side dude if anything I'm your main and that's how it will always be" He smiled his lips brushed against mine pulling me close once again.

"Nah cause JB from GOT7 he's been running in first place ever since I came to Korea" And it was true that man was lucky he was younger than me.

"Be quiet" He slowly kissed me his hand running down my sides. He slowly slid my shirt off putting it on the bed. He kissed on my neck while his hand moved to my back unclipping my bra.

This is really not what I wanted to do but it was like he was addicting like I couldn't get enough.. Maybe dick was tooo bomb

I laid in his bed his arms wrapped around me. Three rounds of sex. First round on the bed, Second around the bathroom, and last time around on a wall then a bed.

He may not look strong, but Jesus that man puts it down! I'm in bed back with him close he's holding me close my head on his chest while he scrolled down his Instagram. He ran circles on my bare shoulder.

"I don't know what this feeling is but I like it" He said I looked at him. The feeling he had was addiction and I had it too even though I wanted to kill him sometimes I couldn't.


"What?" He yelled back.

The same men from earlier were here and they opened the door just standing there mouth open and everything.

I laid in Jiyong's arms as he pulled the sheets up.

"Get out!" He yelled he was small but had a powerful voice. As soon as they closed the door I put back on my bra and underwear with a large tee.

"I think I'm going to stay the night with you" He said looking at me smiling.

"Cannot I have work in the morning" he shrugged.

"Why though?" I asked, I wondered why he would want to stay with me and even though we met like a few days ago.

"Cause I like it here and if feel so comfortable"

"fine" I handed him his shirt and some basketball shorts.

He smiled and put the clothing on ruffling his hair after he was done. He grabbed my hand pulling me down the stairs.

"You're in my house and you're leading me?" I rolled my eyes pushing him going to find Dime.

"So this is the girl that we ran into earlier" His hair covered his eyes and it was sort've raspy.

"Finally nice to meet you" One said with icy blue hair and deep voice, ya girl almost passed out.

They went around introducing themselves.

"Nice to meet you all" I sat on the further side of the couch and GD joined.

I seemed to get closer to T.O.P he was the coolest and funniest out of them all and I liked more.

My best friend Dime started calling me to her in the kitchen.

"They told me they knew you and they followed me here but the one with pink hair"

"Yeah, what about him?"

"He fine as hell and he is the guy I met at the bar last night " She said eyeing him down but looked away when he looked at us.


I saved all my ish to my iCloud and I rest my phone and when I come back they say

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I saved all my ish to my iCloud and I rest my phone and when I come back they say.. You ready


YALL IM BEYOND PISSED I HAD OVER 500+ MEMES THATS GONE MAN ALL MY PHOTOS IMA KERMIT I SWEAR(btw i got them back later on when i had a great discussion with apple)

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