2 : Friends with Benefits

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Mark and I sat on his bed, in his room. We were in highschool. "Is this all you're gonna do? We have a 4 day weekend and you're gonna spend it playing EarthBound?" - "Well, thats not all I planned on doing" He smirked. What was this dork thinking? He put down the controller and slowly turned toward me. I was sitting on his bed, leaning on the headboard. He bit his bottom lip and started to crawl towards me. Is he doing what I think he's doing? But, we're only friends. I don't even like him. Does he like me? What the fuck is going on? He grabbed my thigh and slightly squeezed it. "Mark, what are you doing?" - "You didn't think all I would do is play video games right?" I sat there in shock. I really didn't know what to think. It was really hot, but again we're just friends. He put his other hand on my neck and kissed me. He was going slow. I started to enjoy it. I opened my mouth a little and his tounge slipped in. I moved my lips in sync with him and let our tounges dance. He started to push me against the headboard harder. It hurt, but turned me on. His hand moved from my neck to my breast and he started to fondle it through my shirt. I moved my head and bit my lip, hiding a moan. He chuckled and started reaching into my shirt. I was nervous. "(y/n), relax. I'll treat you right. I promise" He whispered into my ear. I nodded and let him continue. He dragged his other hand from my thigh to my other breast and he started pulling my shirt off. I let him and he just stared. "What?" I giggled. "I bet you look beautiful without this on..." He licked his lips. "Why don't you see for yourself than?" I grinned. He pulled me forward and kissed me. His hands found their way to my bra clip and unhooked it in a swift motion. I smiled softly. As soon as he threw my shirt behind him I pulled him back into a kiss. He grabbed my waist and stuck his thumbs in my jeans. I pulled away. "Fuck..." He said. "What?" - "You're so fucking hot" He gave a slightly frustrated look, biting his lip. I kissed his neck and hugged him, pulling his shirt off from behind. He helped me take off his shirt and I threw it behind me blindly. I put my hands on his chest, pushed him back, and got on top. "I see you've stayed fit" I purred. He pulled my head towards him, pulling me into another kiss. He started to unbutton my jeans. Once he got the zipper down he reached in and started to press my clit. My breathing got heavier and I let out a soft moan. "No ones home.." he put his mouth to my ear, "go crazy..." he started to kiss my neck while playing with my folds. He used his other hand to fondle my breast. "Mhf..." I bit my lip. We sat up and I began to slowly palm his member as he teased my clit. "(y/n).. fuck.." - "M-mark.." I moaned out with a lose of breath. "Yea baby girl" - "M-more.. please.." - "You're gonna have to do something for me first if you want a favor" he winked, standing up. I raised an eyebrow and saw Mark was pointing to his buldge. I grinned and got on my knees in front of him. I started to pull down his pants and lick his member through the fabric of his boxers. "Cmon baby.." he whispered, biting his lip. I started to pull off his boxers revealing his erect members. I started with kitty licks and started to lick up and down the staff. He started to gently pump himself, groaning. I took half his member in my mouth and gradually took in more and more. "Just like that! Yes! Oh fuck!" I started bobbing my head faster and faster. "Fuck you're gonna make me cum!" Mark started to thrust into my mouth, making me gag. I couldn't take it anymore and began touching myself. "Mhmm!" I moaned with his member in my mouth. I went faster and started to deep throat his cock. "I'm cumming (y/n)!" I released his member and let him spray his load on me. Still touching myself Mark fell onto his knees and started to stare at me. "D-don't stare..." - "Mmmm~ you dirty girl. Couldn't wait?.." he smirked. He got closer and flipped me on my back. He moved my hand and started to lick my clit. I squirmed and grabbed his hair. He started to put in his tounge and grab my hips to keep me from squirming so much. "D-daddy yes! Fuck!" I yelled out. He started to suck my folds and clit and insert his finger deeper and deeper. I started to arch my back, and we both knew I was close. "Daddy! I'm gonna cum!" - "Go ahead.." he winked moving his finger faster and faster. He used his other hand to fondle my breasts to finish. "Ahhhhhggg!" I reached my climax and fell flat on the floor. Mark carried me back on the bed and began to cuddle me under the sheets. "Mark.." - "Yes?" - "What does this make us? Because we don't have feelings towards each other" Mark kissed my forehead. "Friends with benefits" he winked and I started to doze off.

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