Chapter 13 - Challenged

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One week has passed since the first day of school. You were slowly fitting in – climbing to the top of the popularity chart, yet inactive in academics. You needed to keep away suspicions, especially from the ever-observing eyes of Momoi and the 'I like to mess up your plans' Imayoshi. And being 'seemingly dumb' is the way to do it.

The warm spring breeze fluttered your heart, ricocheting off the chambers... A slow song played in the back of your mind and your thoughts surprisingly empty in resonance to your feelings.

How you wished you were the way you were before.

Two years ago, I would be there, frolicking under those sakura trees relinquishing one petal after another. Two years ago, I would be laughing with glee in between those crowds, chatting about utter non-sense. Two years ago, I would be mindlessly still in love with Aomine, who may or may not finally notice my unrequited love for him.

Two years ago, my heart would be still intact, still working fluently.

If only...

Glancing you from afar, standing at the doorway was Aomine. His eyes fixated upon you, that unwavering interest... taking in every features of you. Slowly and carefully.

He sighed, "If only..."


You slowly walked down the corridors to stand in front of the club room. It was during break, the door with labeled "Aomine's fan club" glared down at you. You sighed softly before knocking on it and entering.

"Good afternoon." You smiled softly as you entered, your eyes roaming about before they landed on Etsuko who immediately took the pleasure to glare holes into you. You smiled brightly in response.

"What business do you have here?" She gnarled, her voice if turned into missiles, had the power to destroy a small village all on its own.

The enraged calamity of her voice managed to shut up the other gleeful club members.

"Oh not really, it's just that, I'm sorry I'm spending very little time here. I believe I haven't even introduced myself. I felt that I was not contributing enough so... I thought I would take the chance to do it right now. Do you have any problems regarding the matter, uhh?"

"It's Miyura Etsuko."

"Hai. Miyura-san. Have you got any problems regarding the matter?" You said as you smiled sickeningly.

Her eyes twitched, but she smiled, her smile both threatening and frightening. It told you to scamper away and never come to this place ever again. But you like challenges. You LOVED them.

"No. Go ahead, whoever you are."

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