Ch. 21 Could You Be Any Louder?

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    Lennox changes the bandage on my neck and it's around nine o'clock when we leave our room. We start walking to the stairs when both Jessica and Andrew come out of their rooms.

"Really, sis?" Jessica asks, eyebrow raised and smiling widely.

"What?" I ask, confused.

"He can't be that good?" Andrew, states joining the conversation. I feel my cheeks burn. Are they talking about what I think they're talking about?

"I don't think she could have been any louder." Jessica laughs at my discomfort.

"I-didn't, um..."

"You'd be wrong, you should hear her in the shower." Lennox says, grabbing my hand and moving us forward.

Jessica laughs even harder and Andrew remarks, "I think she was faking it."

"Obviously, you're not used to hearing a woman's pleasure. Does it sound like she was in control of herself?" Lennox growls, turning toward Andrew. Not again, I roll my eyes turn to Jessica who finally looks serious.

Andrew steps up to Lennox, getting in his face. Instinctively, I grab Lennox's arm and try to push Andrew away. "Knock it off. Why do you always have to mess with him?" I question, exasperated. Lennox gently moves me away.

"I think it's about time we end this." Lennox threatens.

"Let's go." Andrew nods.

"Don't you two have to go meet Rhys in like twenty minutes?" Jessica asks, nervously.

Lennox and Andrew start to walk down the stairs. I look at Jessica for some help. "So, he's good? What's your favorite position?" She asks, calmly smiling triumphantly when Lennox stops on the second step.

"We haven't tried them all, but is the wall a position?" I inquire, catching on and smirking back.

"We'll count it. What do you really what to try?" She asks, smiling.

"I've always wanted to be tied up, but Marta says that doggy sty-" I feel Lennox wrap his arms around me. I ignore him and continue my conversation.

"I don't know about being tied up. I think I'd want to do the tying." Jessica winks.

"Either would be nice. Lennox has this indent on his stomach, I swear I could lick it for hours." I almost laugh when I hear his loud groan. I watch as Andrew storms down the steps and turn to Lennox. "No, fighting." I warn, looking up at him.

"You won't always be around to distract me." He points out.

"Lennox, let's go! I can't take any more of that conversation! This morning was enough!" Dad yells from the kitchen. I hear Josh and Jason laughing. Mortified I cover my face.

"Why can't I be quiet?" I grumble. I try to fight Lennox, not wanting to go down and face everyone, but he just laughs and picks me up. At the bottom of the stairs he sets me down, keeping my head down we walk into the kitchen. The table is full and there are men standing around, I guess dad is taking a lot of men with him. I just hope they haven't been here long. Mom is busy at the stove, so I go to offer help.

"What can I do?" I ask.

"Can you butter the toast? But wash your hands. We know where they've been." She teases, the room erupting in laughter.

I bite my lip and wash my one good hand. Brenda is already at the toaster. "How's the hand?" She questions as I stand beside her.

"Its fine, thanks."

"I'm sorry about Rachael. You know it's not your fault." She says, sympathetically.

"She seems confused and lost. How could she resent my mom so much?" I question.

Brenda glances at my mom and back to me. Mom steps over to us. She looks almost guilty about something.

"Let's move. I want to be there as soon as the bastard lands." Dads voice booms across the room, stoping anything mom was going to say.

    We stand there watching them leave. Lennox turns to me and I blow him a kiss. He smiles and walks out the door.

When the last man leaves mom clears her throat. "It's my fault. Rachel was a very demanding child. Who could blame
her? She was loving at first, then I had you and lost you. I wasn't the mother I should have been and Travis was the same. We were devastated, we mourned. Essentially, we ignored Rachel and wallowed in our grief. Then I got pregnant with the twins and they became my focus, then Jessica."

I nod, understanding the picture shes painting. "So, she didn't feel loved and ended up resenting the whole family?"

"Yes, it's not that I didn't see it. I knew she was disappointed in me as a mother and Travis as a father. But I wouldn't expect this of her. However, it doesn't surprise me either. I've seen her nastiness and I tried to talk to Travis about it. He never listened, he'd give her whatever she asked for, trying to make it better. I told him, it's not like she was neglected, but he insisted on making up for our behavior towards her. Nothing ever changed, she would be sweet one minute and spitting nails the next."

    I feel sorry for her yet she's trying to hurt my family. It's hard to be that sympathetic. She's a grownup she should be able to see that her father and "mother" love her. Even if they weren't what she expected them to be as parents, she's old enough to know they were hurting and trying their best.

"You shouldn't look so guilty. She's old enough to see what she's doing is wrong. That you tried your best and that you love her." I say, giving her a hug.

She hugs me back. "It still hurts that she thinks so badly of us. I know Travis is taking it hard and I don't know how to help him." She cries.

"Oh, Jenna. Just being there for him is all he needs. He'll cope with it in time. It's just a shock, T is the same way." Brenda replies.

"How long do you think this will take?" I question, watching the entry way.

"Who knows? I don't know what his plans are for Chris Rhys." Mom answers, wiping her tears. Jessica comes dancing into the room. "Where did you go?"

"To watch Adrian leave." She answers, sighing.

I laugh. "Your crush, I take it?"

"Nope, I love him."

"He's too old for you." Brenda scoffs.

"He is not, he's perfect." She replies, defensively.

Brenda rolls her eyes and looks at me smiling. "He's the biggest man-whore in the pack."

I try not to laugh at Jessica's appalled face. "If you weren't pregnant with my niece I'd clobber you."

"Ohhh, I'm so scared." Brenda responds, mockingly standing up and looking down at Jessica.

Mom ignores them and sits down to eat. I join her. "Aren't you nervous?" I ask, worried about Lennox.

"Your father is the second scariest man I've ever met. He knows what he's doing. He even has two alphas behind him,
he'll be fine." She smiles.

I can't stop thinking about it. I don't want anyone getting hurt. "Who's the scariest man you've ever met?" I question, trying to think about something else.

"Alpha Lennox Hall." She states, shuddering.

"He's not that scary." I reply, surprised she thinks he's scary.

She looks at me like I'm crazy. "Trust me, that man can be terrifying. It took me a while to get used to him."

"Andrew, doesn't seem to think so. He's constantly challenging him." I say, frustrated.

"Andrew is a strong alpha, he doesn't like not getting and what he wants. I guess that can be said for all Alphas. It's the chase, it's the fact that they can't have it all that drives them crazy. He is jealous of your relationship with Lennox. Lennox would win in a fight, but it would be a good fight. Not like Lennox's usual fights. Andrew can hold his own, that's why it's best if they don't fight. If they're allies it's beneficial to all three packs.

"He's not as scary as he used to be. You've changed him, he looks more relaxed." Jessica adds, coming to the table. "He even smiles and laughs."

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