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Pen Your Pride


He cried so hard Artemis was heart-broken.She had never knew what to do when a child cries,she never had one.So the goddess did what her heart told her to do,and it was to pick him up and take him inside.When the boy looked up and saw Artemis looking down at him, he immediately stood up and hugged her legs.Amused,she picked him up and felt him hug her neck."Don't weve me"he said shakily and instantly she felt bad for him.Being only 2 without an parents,she felt guilty for all those demigods with cases of a dead mortal parent.Artemis walked inside the only possible place that can keep a demigod safe only to find out that he can't enter.She tried pulling,pushing,dragging,even summoning him through the boarder but he couldn't enter."Aw come ON enter already"She yelled at the boy who was looking around frantically.Artemis noticed "What's wrong now"she asked the kid "They are coming"he said "They are coming for me now" not a second later the wind picked up around them making them in the middle of a tornado "Artemis" She heard three voices say "It seems that you have a problem here"she turned around to see The Fates behind her.

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"Where is he?"Artemis asked warily "Lady Artemis.You do not understand the danger of keeping this child." "Where is he?And what are those Dangers "She asked with more confidence "He is somewhere.Getting a little something.The dangers are that this child has 2 fates.Each one leading to similar results but different adventures.You have came this far to realize that no matter what you do he wont enter.Are we correct?" They said and the moon goddess nodded."You are not keeping him here alone so why don't you keep him with you and your hunters.We know you've always wanted a child also you may not of have noticed but many of your hunters wanted a brother,and don't worry about his godly parent disagreeing.They wont mind" They all nodded at the goddess and started to fade away."Wait"She yelled "What is his other fate?" "You will find out soon Daughter of Zeus"and they were gone blinding her with their light.

When the light faded ,Artemis found herself on Olympus.In front of the Throne Room to be exact.A few feet away she saw the boy in different clothes that the ones he was wearing.Before the incident with the Fates,he was wearing a yellow shirt and bright blue jeans.But now,he was wearing some sort of coat that covered his neck,coloured in black and gold, with a giant Celestial Bronze sword no child his age could be able to lift strapped on his back.He smiled at her for the second time now and the difference between the first time he smiled and now is that he had sharp fangs and around his left eye was some sort of tattoo,or a mark.Artemis picked him up and walked inside.

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