Chapter 30

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Bella's Pov:

It's an extraordinary thing to meet someone - who you can bear your soul to and who will still accept you for what you are. In my heart I know that no amount of time will ever be long enough with Edward, not even forever. Like everyone, we will still have bumps in the road but after everything we've been through I'm sure we will get through.

As of recently my crazy (soon-to-be) sister in law has been going crazy trying to plan my wedding yet she's finding it difficult as she is such a perfectionist. At first I was very overwhelmed being back but eventually I found myself able to open back up. It was hard and I wasn't sure if I wanted to be my old self but I over came that. I know I'm not the same person anymore and I don't intend to be. I have changed but so has everyone else. Surprisingly Rosalie still has my highest respect: she was the first person to empathise with me, the first to welcome me back first time round and the only person who didn't hate me for a while!

We are a massive dysfunctional family but we love each other all the same. And I don't exactly know what is waiting for us around the corner but I wouldn't change it for the world as Emmet always says 'BRING IT ON!!!' We aren't ordinary but we don't have to be. We will make our own mistakes and learn from them. So right now we will sit back and enjoy the peace - I mean it's not something that ever lasts is it? And then tomorrow we will start again. Just like everyone else. And for now I'm signing off.

Over and out.

But this isn't the end...

No. We've only just begun!


COMPLETED: 06/08/16


Of course it's not over just a new book!

I will start a sequel very soon but for now... Thank you to everyone who votes and comments, it genuinely means so much to me. gotta love ya!

 gotta love ya!

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