My Love or My Mate

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This is my first book, scratch that second but I deleted the first one, so I hope you all enjoy the book. Working hard on this and I want it to be successful!!!!! Please comment, vote, whatever you feel like doing.

Juliana's POV

Today is my 16th birthday, big deal I know, but I'm not just some normal girl who wishes that when they wake up they were living rich like those teens on My Super Sweet Sixteen. I'm a werewolf. What! Shocker only thought they existed in little red riding hood, which is the worst fairytale ever because werewolves live all around humans everyday and we don't always want grandmas cookies.

Today instead of a fancy new car, I get to find out who my mate is. I'm one of those girls who has dreamt of every possible scenario of how romantic my life will be once I find my mate.

I'm the only girl in my family, I have three older brothers who should be protective over me, yet they find every possible way to humiliate me in front of the pack. Then my father is the beta of our pack, so he is more worried about how I behave in public than actually having me for a daughter. And finally my mom, who passed away when I was five and though I don't remember much of her I remember her reading me fairytales, not little red, about how one day my prince will come.

Since my father wants to make our pack stronger, he invited unmated wolves from neighboring packs to finally see who his daughter will mate with.


My phone light went off signaling I had a text message.

'Happy Birthay' then two seconds later

'Happy Birthday R u excited for tonite when should we over'

My best friends Katerina and Leslie were the only people there for me, and I mean only. My dad when I went down for breakfast, this morning, didn't even acknowledge me. Pardon my french but how fucked up is that!

' Come over @ 1' I texted back because it would take us forever to get ready. Not that we are those girls that take forever to get ready we just don't know when to stop talking.

I decided to take a morning jog around the lands to relax. After a couple of years of me being considered an outcast by my family, I decided to come up with a better hobby than death by chocolate. So I ran. I went to my drawers, pulled out some leggings, then a jacket since it was colder out today, and got my running shoes and went out the door.

Ouch I thought as if I just walked into a brick wall. I opened my eyes to see the one person I loathe the most, Ben. He was the alpha leaders son and the biggest pain in my @$$. With my brothers he would torment me to no ends and even if I pleaded them to stop it seemed to egg them on more.

"Watch where your going freak"as he pushed my aside to probably go hang out with the twins, my brothers Peyton and Nikolai. Instead of ignoring him like I usually do,mI had this urge inside to pick a fight with him.

"I'm the freak least I'm not the one who contracts diseases from his latest conquests."He is then biggest player in the pack. Every day it seems he has a new play toy. Ben turns around to face me only inches from my face.

"Really because I'd rather have a bunch of people who love me than none at all, how pathetic is that?"

I laugh at him , how could he be so conceited."Do you really think they love you, the only thing they love is you being the alpha's son, if you weren't that you would just as lonely, scratch that, even lonelier than me."

His eyes went from a light mossy green to dark almost black color, opps I angered his wolf but who really cares. Because right now I feel like jumping on him and having some hot make out session.

Wait! What did I just say! This couldn't be happening, your mate was someone who wanted to make you feel like a princess protected and loved. This was suppose to be your soul mate the one you can't live without. This wasn't suppose to be the person you hated and wish was never born. The one who never said one thing nice to you and made you feel like crap about yourself.

I realized I was still standing in front of Ben who was trying to say something to me but I couldn't handle this all right now, so I sprinted in the opposite direction. I didn't turn back, but I could feel Ben's gaze on my back.

Instead of my usual one lap runs I decided with my added stress I needed two. By the time I got back it was 12:30, so I decided to take a quick shower and snack before my besties came over.

I was in the kitchen trying to find something sweet which I knew was a miracle if I did because my dad and brothers are these health craved junkies. No sweets allowed in the home. I decided on an apple instead.

Ring ring! Ring!

" I'm coming!"I say as I race to the door to get my friends to stop ringing the doorbell a million and one times.

"Gosh that took you forever" Katerina said as I opened the door

"Really cause I thought I was pretty fast" I joked as I grabbed my dress from Leslie's hand. She is this amazing seamstress and decided she wanted to make my dress for my birthday.

Once we all got upstairs I opened the garment bag and the most beautiful dress appeared. It was pink, but not Barbie or cotton candy, almost a light dusty rose with a lace top and chiffon bottom.

"This is the most beautiful present I have ever gotten!" I tried to hold back my tears, but I obviously failed while I pulled Leslie in for a hug.

"Cough cough what about me" Katerina joked and pulled out her present from her bag.

Once I ripped the awful wrapping job done by Katerina, if she had a present she would usually ask me to wrap it but you can't ask the birthday girl to wrap her own present. I realized it was the pair of shoes I have also wanted! Dr.Martens in the Victorian floral pattern.

"Ok scratch what I said earlier! You both have given me the best presents ever, but I still like Leslie's more" Katerina threw a pillow of my bed at me.

"I was only joking" as I ran trying to avoid her throws.

We all did our makeup and hair for the party. I decided that I wanted to have a more natural look so I just put on some nude eyeshadow, mascara, and some pink lipgloss to match my beautiful dress. I also decided to wear my new shoes even though they didn't really match but who cares it's my birthday. I also did Leslie's and Katerina's makeup and hair. Katerina rocked a smokey eye, that complemented her hazel eyes, with a nude lipstick while Leslie like me went natural . Both of them wanted their deep brown locks in curls while I had my golden blonde hair in a side fishtail braid.

As we went downstairs my father with my brothers were waiting for us to come downstairs and go to the main pack house for the party. I thought maybe today they would say 'wow Julia you look amazing' but all I got was a

"Come on let's go we're going to be late"from my dad. They all still haven't even wished me a happy birthday or anything. Even my brother, Zander, who I thought I was closer to just gave me a nod and left out the door with the rest of them.

As we were walking to the pack house, only five minutes away, Leslie took my hand and told me,

"Everything is going to be fine, you will find your mate and he will love you and you can forget all about your family." I squeezed her hand back and said thanks. Even though in my head I was freaking out because I already knew who my mate was.

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