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"These curves young man" she said wrapping her arms around his neck "are for experienced drivers only."

"Azania, Azania, have no idea just how experienced I am" replied flirtatiously.

She blushed and avoided his gaze. Just when he was about to go in for the kill and properly kiss her like he had been longing to do all night, he heard a loud growl. Azania unwrapped her arms from around him and covered her face.

"Dang girl!" he chuckled.

"This is sooo embarrassing" she spoke from behind her hands.

"Seriously though, there is nothing to be embarrassed about" he said removing her hands from her face. "When was the last time you ate something?"

"This morning" she replied shyly meeting his gaze.

"Well let me feed you then" he said lifting her off the counter. Ï don't want my woman starving herself."

"That was not my intention, I just had a busy day and food was the last thing on my mind."

He didn't know if he should believe her or not because he knew how women were when it came to their weight. She already mentioned something about losing weight some time ago but he would let it slide this time around.

"Okay. Just sit back, relax and let your man cater to you" he said dishing up the food he brought.


"So what is this?" she asked before taking a bite of something that DeAndre was feeding her.

"This is Breyani" he replied.

For some reason he insisted that they eat from the same plate and share the same fork. He said that this was him catering to her, he didn't want her to lift a finger. She should just sit back and enjoy whatever he was feeding her at the moment. The nan bread and butter chicken was nice though, she was just not sure about what she was eating right now.

"But it has leaves in" she said slowly chewing the food in her mouth.

"It's called curry leaves babe, it's what gives the food that nice flavor."

She was skeptical at first but she had to admit, it was nice. It was just a bit too hot for her liking but other than that, she could appreciate the burst of flavors in her mouth.

"Not too bad but I am going to need a glass of water to go with that" she said and took a big gulp from her glass of wine to soothe the burning sensation that she felt in her mouth.

"It does take some getting used to but it's not that hot" DeAndre replied and got up to get her a glass of water.

"I doubt that I will ever get use to my mouth being on fire but the nan bread and butter chicken was nice, you can have the rest of this" she said pushing the plate in his direction and drinking some of the water from the glass that he handed to her.

"If I eat another bite, I won't be able to sleep tonight."

"Okay, let's watch a movie" Azania suggested.

'Wait' she thought 'maybe he already has some other plans and I have already taken up a lot of his time.'

"Let's watch a movie only if you want to" she corrected herself.

"Why did you do that?" he asked helping her pack away the food.

"Do what?"

"What you just did."

"Put the food in the fridge?" she asked innocently. She knew exactly what he was talking about.


All he said was a name but the way that he said it made her want to confess every one of her sins. His tone and the look he had in his eyes made her know that DeAndre was on to her game.

"Okay" she said closing the fridge and folding her arms in front of her chest. "I...I don't know. Maybe you have somewhere to be and I don't just want to assume that you want to be here with me."

Maybe she shouldn't have said that. She hated how insecure she sounded at that moment She should really learn to keep her feelings to herself. 'Aaaarrrg!' she screamed in her head. Relationships are just hard.

"Come here" he said.

He was standing a few feet away from her. She went but still kept her arms folded in front of her. She stopped when she was a foot away from him.

He unfolded her arms and took her hands in his. "The only place I want to be right now is all up under you watching whatever movie you feel like watching. You ain't never got to worry about that. If you want me to kiss you senseless or make love to you until the break of dawn, I want you to tell me that. Don't hold back. If you need some sanitary pads and you want me to head out to the store and get some for you, call me. I am your man. Whatever you need, I got you, alright?"

"Alright" she replied nodding her head and walked into his outstretched arms.


It's been a minute and from the bottom of my heart, my sincerest apologies for not updating as much as I should.

I know that Azania might be irritating a lot of you right now, being so insecure and all that but the reality is that sometimes we go through these situations. You don't want to come across as to eager even though you want to spend every second of every day just breathing the same air as the person that you are feeling...*sigh* if you cannot relate, you have never been in love! #truestory

I just love Rudy Currence' rendition of Miguel's Adorn.

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