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Reader, I have presented all evidence before you, for the publication of Rowena Holloway's story will surely allow for fair judgment to be made. Firstly, the death of the Priest at the church in the story was confirmed to have happened. Father Hardy was thought to have suffered a heart attack, and was found by his early worshippers the following morning.

Upon the audible fall of Elizabeth, whose screams aroused the attentions of her neighbours, it was also discovered that Rowena's body was, in fact, hidden in the closet under her sister's stairs. Elizabeth's body was never found. The Jerome family murders are now considered solved, and as of the publication of this manuscript, there have not yet been any more unexplained deaths of children in Grasmere.

Though Rowena's story, in a sense, is logical in its countenance, there are still more answers to be resolved. It is most peculiar, though, that an alleged ghost could pen an entire story on paper. The woman who found this reported that she heard scratching for several nights before she braved the attic.

However, it is entirely possible that this story was written frantically by a madwoman believing herself to be the woman in this story. It could be most logical that the writer of this manuscript grew fascinated by the infamous story of Rowena Holloway, that she, or even perhaps he, wrote this as a means to deceive the reader to believe the account be true.

It is not my position to make judgment for the reader, for we have presented the tale as it was written, besides tiny errors of spelling and grammar. This, I expect, will allow you, the reader, to make of this tale as you will.

Do you believe in the paranormal, or do you believe in reason?

Here lieth the body of

Rowena Holloway

Mother, wife, and sister

1812 – 1845

Rowena Holloway's body was buried at St. Oswald's Church in Grasmere beside the graves of her sisters, on the insistence of one Mr. Winston Croft, upon discovering the true identity of the late woman he once knew.

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