Chapter 36

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Even my mum had become silent as we all stood in our living room, waiting for someone to say something. The tension could have very well been cut with a knife, and I could periodically feel eyes on me, watching me, trying to see my reaction.

But there was nothing I could do.

I couldn’t get angry with my mum – for my dad had done the exact same thing. Strangely, I was angry with my mum, but not with my dad. I wasn’t angry with Matt in the slightest.

I mean, I knew that my mum had had an abortion, but that hadn’t really seemed to affect me all that much. My dad on the other hand was shaking violently with anger. I didn’t know if he was going to blow a fuse right then and there, but I hoped to God that he wouldn’t.

After a while, he reached out and grabbed my arm. “We’re leaving” he announced, much to my mum and Aunt Michelle’s annoyance. They didn’t seem to be having any of it.

“Jasmine” my Aunt Michelle breathed. “Go upstairs please.” I could see it in her eyes that she was more than angry to begin with. Midge had been completely right in what she had said to my father. Sides were going to be taken, and it looked like Midge had also been right on the guesses.

“Whoa, Chelle,” Brian stepped in. “You can’t expect Matt to just let Charlotte stay here when he’s been the only decent parent of the two of them. Isn’t it obvious by the fact that Charlotte is clinging to him that she needs him?”

At that everyone’s gaze turned to me, as I stood next to my dad with my arm wrapped around his, sticking close to him. I didn’t want to leave him.

“Yes I can, Bri, she needs her mother. What girl doesn’t need her mom?” she retorted, much to my anger that time.

I felt the need to say something. Although I had hardly if ever mentioned my previous home life to these people, I couldn’t contain myself. It just sort of slipped out.

“I can live perfectly fine without a mum” I told them all. “I’ve practically had to do it my entire life. That woman who claims to have raised me did nothing for me. And then I come here, and my dad bends over backwards to help me – even though we have argued and-”

“Be quiet now sweetheart you’re just angry and upset” Val smiled. “Come one now, shh.”

“No. I won’t, Val. You are exactly like my other mum was, and I despise her for being that way. Can’t you see? I don’t need people like you. I’m going with my dad.”

“Like hell you are” Michelle said as she grabbed me by the arm.

“I’ll get her upstairs” she told me mum as she beckoned for Midge to follow us also.

I couldn’t really resist because of my leg, and it was as annoying as hell. If that cast had been on my arm I could have taken her out with one clean, easy swing.

“Get off me” I struggled as she dragged me away from my dad. Not once did I remove my gaze from his, and it was too obvious how much it was all killing him.  His eyes were narrowed and all he could do was stare at me. I think we both knew at that point that anything he did would be useless.

“Dad?” I begged. “Dad please don’t leave without me. Don’t leave me alone. Don’t go.” By the end of the sentence, I fully began to cry which only gave Michelle a further incentive to drag me up the stairs.

I knew that it wasn’t entirely her fault, and I knew that she was only sticking up for my mum, and I knew that she only wanted what was best for me. She hadn’t even done anything either, and it was clear why she was taking my mums side. But, never the less it annoyed me.

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