Mickey's POV::

"Okay, okay." A tall, blonde girl yelled, standing in front of what was now my 'classroom'. "Settle down."

I took my seat next to Annie and looked around, taking in my surroundings. The blonde girl cleared her throat and the rest of the room fell silent. "Okay then," she said, smiling, clearly feeling proud of herself. "I'm Stella, your photography teacher and camp counselor. For those of you with the last names beginning with A-G, I will be all yours." Some boys in my class wolf-whistled and high-fived each other as Stella rolled her eyes. "This summer, we have a huge project to look forward to. Starting today."

There was a series of groans and mumblings as she tried- successfully- to shut everyone up again. "Calm down, all you have to do is take pictures." she said, her eyes glowing with sheer excitement. "Take pictures to your hearts content- of whatever you want! Anything!"

Now it was me who was glowing.

I don't know if you haven't figured this out already, but I love photograghy. Love it. Seeing a moment- that perfect moment, and capturing it on a peice of film to cherish forever. Priceless. In my lifetime, I don't think anyone has used up so many Kodak cameras than me (which is a reason my parents switched to digital cameras. It saved everyone a lot of the time and the money. Believe me.). I smiled and held my camera tight in my hands as she explained the means of the assignment. We were just to take pictures of anythhing or videotape anything with sentimental value or meaning to us. Something special and breathtaking. 

Something we thought was beautiful.

At the end of the summer, we would make a giant collage of our photographs and hang it up on the walls. And for the videos, we were to make a special presentation for the camp. I thought back to my old room. How the walls were covered with endless pictures. Stuff I took myself. I managed to smuggle a few of them- just to make my cabin just that much home-ier. After being dismissed to begin, Annie and I looked around. This is camp. The wilderness. There should be plenty of beautiful things to capture.

That's when I heard it. The music. I looked at Annie, who was feverishly studying the grass, and laughed to myself. "Annie?" I called out, breaking her concentration. Her head snapped up towards me. "Huh?" she asked.

"I'm gonna go look around." I said, walking towards the building I believed the music was coming from. She just nodded and continued studying her peice of grass. Shaking my head, I led myself towards the music, stopping when I reached the door. Someone was in there...dancing. I walked in casually, aware of the fact that the music was too loud for the person to hear me walk in. Taking a seat, I took out my camera and started to videotape the kid.

He was really good. Looking closely at the body, I noticed two long braids.

I never imagined Rayray to be a dancer. A good one at that. I always thought he was just one of those guys, you know? I mean, for only a day at camp, I can have my own opinions.

I watched him as his body moved with perfect rhythm. Every move was exact. Flawless. While, watching him, I notced he was only wearing a wife beater. One word:


His muscles came out more than ever on his thin arms as he moved. He was beautiful.

The song came to a close and I realized, I was still recording him. In a  sense of panic, I sat there motionless. He stopped the song and walked to the edge of the room, his back to me, and wiped the sweat off his face with a towel. I watched him still, taking in his body.