Playing The Player (10)

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All my lovely book nuggets who have been waiting for an update, please stow your pitch forks, for an update has finnaly arrived!

I sincerely apologize that I have been taking so long to update. I've been trying to plan out where I'm going with this book. In fact, I already have the epilogue written! Crazy right? Not that the book is finishing anytime soon. I've simply planned the whole story out. I'm just trying to start writing long chapters. I've increased the word count from an average 1000 to 2000! Maybe I'll even increase the word count to 3000, I don't know yet. You're basically getting two chapters in one.

Anyways, please continue the story!

I stare at my car, trying to figure out what I should do. I mean, I have enough money saved up to get a new paint job, but I was hoping I wouldn't have to use it. Maybe I could try washing it? Yeah, I'll do that. If it doesn't work, then oh well, I'll use my savings.

"Figured out what you're going to do, yet?"

I look at Alaina who rubs her eyes.

"Sorry if I woke you, I'm kinda used to waking up early."

It's just barely seven in the morning, on a Saturday. Wow, I'm a horrible friend. I woke her up early....on the weekend.

She yawns, "It's fine. So...your car?"

"I'm probably going to try washing it later," I sigh.

"Ooo, I'll help."

"I was just going to take it to the carwash."

She grins, "Why? We could wash it here, it would be so much more fun."

I like the way she thinks.

For the first time since yesterday, a smile spreads across my face, "That is a great idea, but first," I clutch my stomach dramatically, "my stomach demands food."

Playing along, she sighs in relief, "Oh thank the lord," she brings the back of her hand to her forehead and dramatically says, "I'm slowly perishing away. Won't someone, anyone, save a girl from hunger?"

We both burst out laughing as we head back inside my house.

By time we finish eating, getting dressed, and setting up our little carwash out on the driveway, it's already noon. Meaning the hot Miami sun is merciless as it bares down on us. Our shorts and t-shirts do nothing to protect our skin from the suns rays.

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