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Kara was more than happy. She just defeated Myriad, what else should she be? J'onn just left, expecting her to her to be right behind. From the corner of her eye she saw it - a mysterious blue tunnel opening in the middle of the desert.

Out of it come a man-an all but familiar man dressed in a red fitted suit."Back so soon, Flash?" She said with a quirky grin. She didn't wear it for long; a black gloved hand has reached out and punched him the rest of the way out. In an instant Kara was by his side.

"Barry? Are you okay? Barry!" "It's to late for the Flash!" Said a deep voice. Kara stood in front of Barry; fists ready to fight. "No need," explained the man,"I'll be back." With that he jumped into the portal. Kara turned around and saw Barry sprawled across the ground. "Barry! Please! Get up!" Supergirl could feel the sound of worry in her voice.

Barry was bruised with blood all over his face. Kara picked him up bridal style and flew to the DEO.


"Kara!" Exclaimed Alex, walking towards Supergirl, arms wide open."Uh, Kara-" "Not now Alex. Hank, can we help him?" "I don't know if-" Hank was unsure about helping a random man, but Kara insisted. "Please." Kara put Barry down on the bed. "Supergirl, I'm going to have to ask you to-" Kara didn't let him finish but instead was quick with a response. "I'm not going anywhere."

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