Chapter 3

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*Andrew Pov*

"What are you doing?" I suddenly heard a screeching sound and then felt being pushed back.

I adjusted my eyes to see what is going on and looked down to see that the girl is doing everything to push me away while I seem to have a strong hold on her.

"I slept off?" I mumbled to myself in shock before removing my hands.

"No! You were running. What did you think before hugging me like that?" She demanded after making sure there is a certain distance between us.

"What? I didn't hug you. You were the one who threw herself at me." I said, shaking my head and scratched my head, feeling the muscles tense for sitting in the same position leaning on the wall.

"How dare you? How could you say that I threw myself at you? Do you know that only Simon was my lover and he will be only the one? How can you accuse me of doing such thing?" she continued to ask along with releasing the tears before the sound of her wailing started.

"Ok, ok! You didn't throw yourself at me. Now, do not cry." I said, feeling fed up with her crying before getting down from the cot.

Why did I even think her eyes were nice to look at when the same eyes do so much damage to my ears by releasing those tears?

"It is completely dark. Do you want to leave the forest now?" I asked, looking outside the door.

"Of course! What did you think that I will stay here another second? Do you know how rich I am? I need not stay in such disgusting place." She said, huffing before she walked near to the door but stopped in her tracks.

I took a deep breath to control the anger that raised hearing her comments and then realized she is another rich spoiled brat or even a woman considering her age.

"What? Why are you staying in this disgusting place?" I asked, mocking her and immediately groaned when she turned around with her tear filled eyes making me realize I can't escape another of her wailing session.

"Where will I go? To whom can I go? If I search for Simon then he will be killed by my Dad or he will even kill me. God! What should I do now?" she asked and covered her face before hissing which made me remember her bruise.

I shook my head before walking near the beer storage and took out a few ice pieces. I placed them in a shirt of mine before returning near to her.

"Put this at your bruise." I said forwarding the cloth and then sat on the table holding my head.

"Ahh!" she screamed, making me turn around to look at her.

"It is hurting! I can't do this." She mumbled before moving towards me and sat on the cot.

"It will not reduce if you don't." I stated and sighed folding my arms.

How much do I have to talk today? When will she leave like she is saying or even keep quiet before I throw her out myself.

"Can you... can you help me?" she mumbled forwarding the cloth.

"I will not hear another wailing until I give you any permission." I ordered and she nodded before pushing the cloth in my hands.

"Thanks for the help." She said before moving a little forward so that I can place the cloth.

"I will close my eyes." She mumbled and followed her words, making me roll my eyes.

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