Chapter 1 - Clumsy Sophia (Edited)

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Sophia Celastio

"Sophia! Sophia!" I put my pillow on my face, not wanting to wake up. I'm extremely tired, because of the pile of work that has been shoved in my face like crazy at work.

"Sophia!" my mom walked into my room.

"Still sleeping" I said, not caring about my mom who walked in.

"Wake up! You have to catch a flight to New York today" she said as she tried to take the pillow away from my face, but I hold onto it tightly.

"It's 9 Sophia and your flight is at 12" my mom said and I groaned. I threw my pillow away and  sit up to look at my mom with arms crossed and glaring at me.

"Ask Cole to go" I said closing my eyes again.

"Cole is going to UK with your dad today" she says and pulled me out from the bed.

"Mom please let me sleep and ask Cole to fly to New York to attend that" I stood up and she smacked my arm causing me to squeal.


"You can rest after the charity meeting Sophia, now go" she pushed me to the bathroom and I sighed. I striped myself then jumped in the shower, put the water on cold to help me become awaken quicker.

"I need a vacation ASAP" I mumbled to myself as I walked out from the bathroom. I take out my black skinny jeans, maroon crop top and a baggy flannel. After I had put on a bit of makeup and my hair in a bun, I accessorize with a watch, simple silver necklace and studded earrings. I'm ready to go.

I took my bag and pulled out my luggage, walk downstairs and find my mom making me a sandwich.

"You ready to go? the driver is already waiting for you outside" she said as she cuts a tomato.

"Mom can you just tell Cole to go? I'm really la-".

"Sophia! I don't get you really, you act like a 10 year old girl. Stop whining!" she said in a motherly tone.

"Mom I've been working non-stop these days and I need a vacation" I said to her and she puts her hands on her waist.

"We'll think about it later Sophia, but now it's time for you to catch your plane" she said and I pouted. I take my luggage out and put it on the back of the car.

Then got inside and my driver quickly drove me to the airport. I opened my phone, it's almost 11am. Oh crap! I'm going to be late as hell. After I arrived at the airport, I really do need my coffee.

Thank God for my driver and his driving skills,  we arrived at the airport in no time. He helped me with my luggage and I thanked him. I quickly ran inside to find where is my check-in spot.

As I found where my check-in spot is, I quickly queued and took care of everything. After I was done, I only had one thing on my mind. I needed my Starbuck's coffee now.

I found the store pretty quickly, "One Americano please" I ordered.

"The size miss?" the employee asked.

"Venti" I said and he nodded.

"You name?"

"Sophia" I answered and give him the money. He processed the order and he gives me a wink. Oh gosh, boys and their stupid flirting methods.

I walked out from Starbucks with a smile plastered on my face, I can't help but be happy after I got my coffee. I sat on one of the waiting areas and decided to read the news.

Nothing interesting these days.

Suddenly they announced the passengers to start to aboard the plane. I decided to go to the restroom first, I don't like to pee on the plane, the place is too small.

I did my business and washed my hands. After I looked at myself in the mirror to check everything was in place and patted my face. Oh shoot! I looked at my ring finger in horror. Where is my freaking ring? Oh shoot, I took out everything in my bag to found it.

No, no, no!

I checked my bag twice but my ring was nowhere to be found. I looked at the ground to look for my ring but nothing. There's no sight of it, I looked everywhere, even the toilet but nothing.

I started to panic now, I quickly put everything in my bag and grabbed my coffee. I walked out and started to look for my ring. I still had 25 minutes before take off so I had to manage that time to find my ring.

I went through every path that I walked before. I kept looking at the ground looking for my ring. I can't have lost it, oh God please help me.

Without any warning I bumped someone, hard, he was walking at a great speed. My americano spilled into his suit and my eyes widen. I looked up to see who I bumped and stared at his eyes in horror. It's freaking Aaron Samuel, the man that every girl worshiped is in front of me.

"What the f**k?!" he cursed as he looked at his suit. I quickly took out tissues from my bag and patted his white suit that was turning brown because my coffee.

"I'm sorry" I said panicked.

"Watch where you're going next time" he said coldly and I can't help but glared at him.

"If you were watching where you were going, you wouldn't have bumped me either" I bursted angrily. How dare he say that to me while he was busy with his phone too. He looked at me with interest in his stare.

"I'm sorry about that but I need to go right now" I said bluntly and walked pass him. He suddenly held my arm and I turn to him, looking at him confused.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"The girl who spilled her coffee" I responded coldly and pulled my arm from his grip. And I walked away, I'm more interested in looking at the floor than seeing his face.

Ring where are you?!

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