Gunshot (Garcia x Reader)

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Request: Could you do a Penelope x reader were the team comes back from a case and the reader got injured and Penelope is upset about it and kinda mad and the reader doesn't understand why she's like that and then Penelope tells her she's in love with her

Warnings: Mention of being shot, reader is wounded

"Penelope, really, it's nothing." You chuckled. Garcia paced back and forth in her office as you watched her from your seat in her chair.

"Nothing?" Penelope cried. "How is this nothing!? I swear, this guy better have, like, twenty more years added to his sentence just for doing this to you!" She growled. You laughed and shook your head.

"How is it that you're more upset about this than I am, and I'm the one who got shot?" You raised an eyebrow at your practically hysterical friend.

"That's the point, (Y/N)! You got shot! If that little twerp had just aimed a bit to the right..." Garcia said, her voice full of worry. You sighed and stood up, laying a calming hand on Penelope's shoulder.

"Hey, it's ok. I'm ok. There's nothing to worry about." You said with a reassuring smile. Garcia inhaled sharply and nodded.

"I know..." She said quietly.

"So then why is all this bothering you so much?" You asked, still not getting why Penelope was so upset.

"Because..." Garcia paused and looked nervously at you, then the floor. "Because I'm in love with you, (Y/N). And the thought of anything happening to you... it just makes me lose my mind." Penelope confessed. Your face froze in shock for a split second before you were overcome with joy.

Penelope Garcia was in love with you.

"Wait, wait... Penelope, you love me?" You asked, trying desperately to make your brain catch up with what was happening.

Garcia bit her lip and nodded slowly, anxiously waiting for your reaction. You grinned and pulled Penelope into a gentle kiss; you were so happy you didn't even notice the pain in your shoulder.

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