That Boy

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Those eyes.

Green, gorgeous, and comforting.

They couldn't stop thinking about them. 

Who was their savior.

They looked at the hospital television and found their answer. One of Paris' new heroes by the name of Chat Noir.

Blonde messy locks flowed from his head as black leather covered his body. He had the ears and tail of a cat also in leather.

And there they were.

Those eyes.

Those eyes that had saved their life.


The door opened and a card was brought into the room, it contained the signatures of the whole class,  except Chloe, and the words "Get Well Soon".

They smiled. It was touching to them that people would care about them like this even though it was just a card.

They closed their eyes still recovering from the stress and pain, and they dreamed about the cat in shining leather who saved their life.

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