Chapter 10

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Lauren's POV
Last nights dinner wasn't out last one. The next day the hunters didn't attack. We were waiting in the woods ready to fight and ready to die but it was a no show. That night Zayn and the newborns came to our house and we had dinner.

At school Camila was with Ricky again. They've actually gotten pretty close. When I first met Ricky it felt like Camila got annoyed with him instantly but now, a week later I find Camila and Ricky in the choir room singing.

It bothers me when my girlfriend hangs out with him and doesn't ask me. But with training after school I have no free time out of school. And passing periods I try and walk Camila but Ricky's always there and get in between Camila and I.

I wanna ask her questions about Ricky and her faithfulness to me but I don't want to assume anything. I don't want to accuse her of cheating or having feelings for Ricky. And I don't want to ask how she met him. Because out of random he shows up and is always with her.

Our last class I have Camila and she wouldn't take her eyes off her notebook, she kept on writing something down. And our last class was cooking class so there's no note you have to take down.

"What are you writing?" I asked trying to look at her book. "Nothing." She told me closing her book. I looked at her seeing that she was already looking at me. "You look beautiful today." I told her smiling at her. "Pay attention." She told me smiling.

I turned my attention to my friends who were in the back of the class giggling.

Why are you guys laughing?

She just dissed you.

She just told me to pay attention.

You're losing her bud.

I'm not, I'm busy and she's busy.

Yeah with Ricky.

He's just a friend.

To you probably but not to Camila.

She wouldn't cheat on me.

Are you sure? Before she moved here did you ask her about her pass relationships?

No. That's none of my business.

Well it kind of is if she cheated before.

I trust her and I trust that she won't cheat.

Do you trust her enough to tell her about you and all of us?

I-you no I can't do that.

Why not? You trust her don't you. Just tell her that your a vampire, and all of us are vampires and werewolves.


Tell me Lauren.

B-because I don't trust her that much to keep that a secret.

I got out of Normani's mind and I started to get a headache. And I started to get hungry.

I groaned holding my stomach and closed my eyes. "Lauren are you okay?" I heard my teacher ask getting everyone to quiet down.

I heard Normani and Ally get up from their chairs. "Bad cramps." Ally said getting me out of the classroom. I opened my eyes seeing Normani and Ally. I felt my fangs out and nails long.

"Here drink this." Normani told me giving me her bottle of blood.

I gulped some down, giving the rest to Normani. "Thanks." I said calming down and turning back to normal. We all stood there waiting for my girlfriend to come out. I pictured Camila to run out and hug me worried for my wellbeing but nothing.

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