I'm sorry pt. 3

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Shawns POV
I see Y/N kissing Some guy.
I storm in and pull the guy from the back of his jacket, stand him up and punch the shit out of him.

I push him out of the door and slammed it. "Shawn I can ex-" "what explain?" I said angrily. "Shawn please let me explain." She said crying and begging. I didn't answer.

I stormed upstairs and into our bedroom and slammed the door to show that I was clearly mad. I could hear Y/N crying but it's not like she deserved it.
Well that's a part 3, hope you enjoyed it!

Just kidding😏

Shawn barges to our room and slams it. I flinched and started bawling my eyes out. After a while I start to calm myself down.

I quietly grab my car keys from the drawer and leave the house to have some time away from the disaster because it seemed clear that Shawn didn't want to talk to me.

I get in my car and start driving not knowing where. Many thoughts have been going through my head, will Shawn brake up with me? Would he hurt me? Who knows.

Shawn's P.O.V

It's been about half an hour since I went in our room. I got up from the bed and decided to check up on y/n. As I walk down the stairs I hear nothing but the steps.

I go to the living room to see y/n not there. I started to get worried. I go up and around the house looking for her not being able to find her.
I finally decide to call y/n.


I was starting to calm down in the car when all of a sudden my phone decides to ring. I go and park on the side of the road to see Shawn's name on the screen.

I was so scared to answer but I did.

(A/N: Y=You//S=Shawn)

Y: hello?
S: uh. Hey y/n. I just wanted to apologize for the way I was and not letting you explain your self.
Y: hey Shawn. Don't worry about it. I get it, if I were you I'd probably do the same thing as you. AND DONT TEST IT.

You and Shawn both chuckle at the same time.
S: so is this a good time to ask you to come back home so we can talk in person?
Y: yeah, That would be great. Oh and Shawn.
S: yeah?
Y: thank you.
And you end the call there.
That was part 3 guys! Hope you liked it! Sorry for not posting for a while. There will be a part 4 soon!


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