"Ow Shit" The Person Said. I Guess I Did. "Damn Janiq" The Person Also Said. This Time I Recognized The Voice.

I Took Off The Bag To See If It Was Really Who I Thought It Sounded Like. And It Was... Damien Was Leaned Forward Holding His Man Part Groaning.

"What The Fuck Damien?" I Said Throwing The Bag At Him.

"It Was A Joke" He Said As He Tried To Let Out A Chuckle.

"That's No Joke" I Told Him.

"I Guess Not..." He Said. "After All You Nearly Took Off My Dick..." He Told Me.

"Too Bad I Missed" I Told Him.

"Damn Its Like That" He Said As He Stood Up Straight..

"What Do You Want?" I Asked Him.

"Why I Gotta Want Something?" He Asked Me.

And Once Again That Vision Of Who Damien Really Is Flashed In My Mind.

"What Happen?" He Asked Noticing The Change In My Face.

"Nothing" I Said.

"I Know Its Something" He Said.

"How?" I Asked Him.

"Cause I Know You" He Told Me. "Now Tell Me What's Bothering You?" He Asked Me.

"Why'd You Do That To Tay?" I Asked Him.

"Nicknames" He Said.

"I'm Serious... What'd Taylor Do?" I Asked Him.

"Just Know The Hoe Deserved It" He Said. "And Why Do You Care?" He Asked Me.

"Cause She Was My Friend" I Told Him.

"Friend?" He Said As He Began To Laugh.

"What's So Funny?" I Asked Him.

"You" He Said.

"How?" I Asked. "I Don't Remember Telling A Joke" I Said.

"Well Saying She's Your Friend Is Quite A Joke" He Said.

"No Its Not" I Said. "After All You Did Introduced Us" I Told Him.

"To See What Would Happen Between Y'all" He Said. "I Didn't Expect Y'all To Become The Best Of Friends" He Added.

"We're Not Best Friends" I Told Him. "Just Friends" I Added.

"Well She Can't Be Your Friend Janiq..." He Said. "I Mean She Wouldnt Want To... Especially If She Knew You Were The One I Cheated On Her With" He Said.

"Wait...." I Said. I Needed To Get This Straight. "What Are You Talking About?" I Asked Him.

"College" He Said. "Who Did You Think I Was With?" He Asked Me.

"I Didn't Know It Was Taylor" I Said.

"Do It Matter Who It Was" He Told Me. "The Fact Is You Knew I Was With Someone And You Didn't Care" He Said.

"Why Are You Telling Me This?" I Asked Him.

"Don't You See...?" He Asked Me. "Its Me And You Against The World" He Said As He Tried To Snake His Arms Around Me.

"Is That Why You Came Here?" I Asked Him As I Pushed His Hands Away. "Cause If It Is Just Know Damien There Is No Me And You" I Told Him.

"Honestly As Much As I Want Your Sexy Ass Back In My Arms... And Me Knowing That You Want All This Sexiness Back To..." He Cockily Said.

"I Do Not" I Said.

"Whatever" He Said. "If You Must Know I Actually Came Cause You Have In Possession Something I Need" He Said.

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