Chapter 47

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(Rell POV)

At This Moment While I'm Not Doing Anything I Decided To Hang Around My Little Cousins Tattoo Place. He Offered Me A Chair Do Hook People Up When Ever I Wanted To.

And So Far All I've Had Are Satisfied Customers. As I Made My Way Out For Lunch I Seen This Fine Ass Dime Piece At The Front Desk In What Look Like To Be A Dilemma... So I Walked Over.

"What Do You Mean He's Not Here?" She Asked Jamie. Who Runs The Front Desk.

"I'm Sorry But Mr. Raymond Is Out" Jamie Said.

"And Well When Will He Be Back?" The Woman Asked.

"I Honestly Don't Know" Jamie Said.

"Well What Do You Suppose I Do?" The Woman Asked.

"If You Want I Can Reschedule You" Jamie Said.

"Sorry To Interfere But I Couldn't Help But Over Hear..." I Told Her.

"You Mean Ease Dropping" She Said.

"Me?" I Asked As A Smirk Appeared On My Face. Smart One She Was.

"Yeah You..." She Said. "Your Not Invisible You Know" She Told Me.

"Oh Glad To Know..." I Said. "That You See Me" I Added.

"Mhmm" She Said.

"You Know I'm Free At The Moment" I Told Her.

"I See" She Said As She Looked At Me. "So You Didn't Come Over Cause You Saw All This... And You Wanna See Who It Belongs To?" She Asked Me. She Was Good But I'm Better.

"Now Why Would You Think That?' I Asked Her. "I Don't Look At Woman Like Their Meat" I Told Her.

"What They Call You?" She Asked Me.

"Rell..." I Told Her. "You Are?" I Asked.

"Still Not Interested" She Told Me.

"A Challenge" I Said As I Looked Her Up And Down With Examining Eyes.

She Was Bad. Bad Indeed. Thick In All The Right Places. She Obviously Had Her Own. She Was A Bad Boss. And Tattooed With A Mean Attitude. Plus She Was Definently A Foreign With Light Caramel Skins Like That. Long Hair To Her Back And Emerald Eyes. She Was Not From Around Here.

"I Like A Challenge" I Added.

"Well This Is One Your Not Getting" She Said.

All I Could Do Was Smirk. Little Mama Already Had Me Crazed.

"Can I Reschedule For Tomorrow?" She Asked Jamie.

"Yes... Is 4:30 Good?" Jamie Asked Her.

"Yes... Tomorrow... 4:30 Will Be Fine" She Said As She Slide Her Gucci Bag On Her Arm.

"I Ain't Get A Name" I Said.

"If I Felt You Can Handle Me... I Would Give You A Name" She Said. "But I'm Obviously Just Too Much" She Added As She Took The Appointment Paper From Jamie.

"Damn" Is All I Said.

"Thank You" She Told Jamie.

"No Problem" Jamie Said.

(Janiq POV)

I Drove To Pams To Get Some Lunch For Me And JJ. I Parked And As Soon As I Hopped Out My Mouth Was Covered And A Bag Was Pulled Over My Head. I Began To Scream And Fight But Who This Was Had A Tight Grip On Me...

"Help Help" I Began To Yell. After The Figure Spined Me Around And Pressed My Back Against My Car I Began To Kick Furiously Trying To Hit Something Solid.

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