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Credit for the OC goes to RWBY

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Credit for the OC goes to RWBY. Yang was the inspiration for the OC's ability.

You were following closely behind the man known as Kakuzu and his annoying, Jashin-worshiping, partner. You were a bounty hunter that liked to go for the biggest catch and Kakuzu was one of the biggest. His village was so scared of him that they decided to put a bounty on his head and it was a large one.

You were originally from the Village Hidden in the Stone, so you knew nothing about the man. It had been sheer coincidence that you saw him go into the same bounty office that you had just come out of. Ever since then, you'd been following them. You were a former Anbu member so your stealth was incredible and right now you were lying in wait for your moment to strike.

Kakuzu and his partner stopped and you did the same. The partner walked off announcing loudly that he had to piss. You just shook your head in annoyance and had no clue how the two could work together. Now was your chance!

You leapt from the bushes giving a solid kick to Kakuzu's back which sent him slamming into the ground face first. You landed on top of him and quickly grabbed both his arms pinning them behind his back.

"Come along peacefully and I promise to hand you in alive." You told him allowing a sense of arrogance to fill your voice.

Suddenly! His arms shot out with tentacles attached to them and slammed you against a tree. The large man freed his hands and quickly placed one on your throat.

"Did you really think I would be that easy to capture?"

Because of the force that happened when he slammed you into the tree, you were able to use a monster grip and rip his hand off of your throat. Your jutsu allowed you to take the impact and force of physical attacks and channel it into your body and use it when you attacked.

"I'm not an easy opponent either, dear Kakuzu. I suggest you don't underestimate me."

"What The Hell?! I leave for two minutes to piss and you decide to duke it out with a hot (h/c)!"

"Stay out of this, Hidan." Kakuzu ordered.

"Alright, fine! Rob me of my fun."

"Kakuzu, honey, if you're done chatting, I'd like to take you in now." You taunted as you placed your hands on your hips.

"I'm not coming with you."

"Oh yes you are!" You leapt into action throwing a flurry of fists and kicks at him. He defended just as you expected he would. You landed in a few good solid kicks and punches, but so did he. That was okay because it just gave you more strength to throw back in his face. Finally, you sent him flying.

"Come on, Kakuzu! Quite playing around and finish her already!" Hidan shouted.

"Shut up, Hidan!" You and Kakuzu snapped back in unison.

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