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Cradle Snatching Santaski

Written by: JeanLouise

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You don't have to read the above novels, but the story of Tammin's Parents is 'Find Me' & 'Mystery Lights' and Matthew's Parents are in 'AWTIY' & 'Baby Doll'. Matty as a child is included in Baby Doll.

Picture of (Miranda Kerr as) Tammin ========>


Chapter One

Something outside drew me from my bed and towards my window, bright and early one Saturday morning. I pulled back the see through lace like material and peered out the window.

“Julian and Christian! Get back here! Matthew! Run after your brothers for me,” A women bellowed from the across the fence. I couldn’t help but frown as I watched from my window on the second floor of our house. 

The house next to ours had been empty ever since I could remember. I had heard rumours from my sister Kristy that a superstar actor or singer or something lived there. Every now and then, months between, I would see a car parked outside for the weekend, but from the looks of things right now a family was moving into the place. I grabbed my navy silk dressing gown and wrapped it around myself before leaving my room and heading towards Kristy’s room.

Our house was huge. I’m almost certain we had rooms we didn’t even use. It was just full of furniture that Mum had put in there after one of her many house renovations. Mum and Dad had their own entire wing and my younger brother and older sister and I had the other half of the house. The kitchen and everything essential was in the middle separating the kids from the parents. Kristiana’s room was two rooms down from mine, My brother, Michael’s room was in between our two rooms, which I’m sure is mums crappy humour to symbolise the way Michael always gets in between our fights. He also got the ensuite, making Kris and I share the big bathroom on our side of the house.

“Kris, are you still in here?” I called out as I spotted her bed was a mess of sheets void of a body.

“Out on the balcony” She replied as I peered into the empty wardrobe, checking for her.

I stepped out onto her balcony and she was leaning on the balcony railing, blatantly checking out the new neighbours in her bright pink and blue pyjama Capri pants and white singlet. Her dark raven mess of hair was pulled on top of her head in a ballerina bun and her spotty skin was unusually void of all make-up. She must have heard the noise too and gotten straight out of bed. I sunk into one of the two sun bed chairs, which was pretty much all that fit on the small balcony.

“What’s the goss? Are they famous like we always guessed?” I asked

“Not sure yet, haven’t gotten a good look at them yet. There is two little kids that look identical and there’s an older kid that looks like the younger ones. The mum, I’m guessing, doesn’t look terribly recognisable and the driver hasn’t even gotten out of the car,” She sighed, stepping back and sitting on the edge of the other sun bed, in full view of the situation down in the neighbours front driveway, still.

“Keep me posted,” I told her and she nodded happily, like it wasn’t basically stalking that she was doing.

“What are you doing today?” Kristy asked.

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