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"It's common knowledge that if you write something on your arm, your soulmate will get the exact same writing on their arm," a woman with a dark bob informed her five year old daughter.

"Wow! Really! I'm going to write to my soulmate!” the little girl exclaimed, he equally dark pigtails disappearing through the trapdoor that led to her room. A tall man with a mustache and friendly eyes walked up beside the woman and chuckled, placing his hand on her shoulder comfortingly.

"I feel bad for our daughter's soulmate right now," he nudged her slightly with his shoulder.

"Tom!" The woman exclaimed slapping him on the arm.

"What! The poor kid is going to be covered head-to-toe in sharpie now!" As if to prove his point, there was a cry coming from the door to their bakery, a mother and her son were walking into the shop when sparkly pink lines started to cover all over his arms and legs.

"Mooom!" A he shrieked.

The black haired woman looked over at her husband, mouth agape, she quickly ran towards the customers to talk the two.

Tom just stood there and bit his lip nervously, his daughter was only five! She wasn't ready to meet her soulmate, not now.

Tom was cut from his thoughts as the woman practically dragged her panicking son behind her towards the tall man standing behind the counter.

“Sabine, we don't know it's him," Tom muttered to his wife as she passed by on her way up to the stairs.

"Which is why I'm going to grab Marinette," Sabine gently told her husband, standing up on her tiptoes to kiss him on the side of his forehead before she hurried up the stairs that lead to their daughter’s room.

Tom crossed his arms and stared down at the little boy.

"Mommy I want to get this stuff off!" The little boy whined.


"Maman! I don't want to go downstairs! I'm writing to my soulmate!" Sabine came downstairs with their daughter hauled over her shoulder.

She looked like she was about to cry.

"Maman please!" She sniffed.

"Mommy who's that?" The little boy asked. His green eyes lit up when he saw the kid around his age maybe a friend? Before he hastily hid behind her legs, suddenly scared “She's not like Chloé, is she?"

"No sweetie, she's your soulmate," The lady ruffled her son's blond hair.

Hearing the new voices, the little girl swiveled her head around to see the young boy looking at her from behind his mother's legs. He was covered head-to-toe in the same pink sparkles that were all over her.

Sabine gently put her daughter down gently and backed away to join her husband’s side.

The little girl immediately ran over to the young boy, sticking her head in between the woman’s legs to see him. He backed up quickly and fell on his bottom, green eyes wide with shock and maybe fear?

There was a long silence, until the little girl thrust her hand out.

"Hi!" She joyfully exclaimed. The boy flinched, when her hand didn't move he looked surprised.

"You-you didn't hit me," he stated. An sharp intake of breath came from his mother, indicating she didn't know that her son was being hit.

"No silly! Why would I do that! We're soulmates! We care for each other!"

"Care for each other," the boy whispered, he looked a little shocked but grabbed her pudgy hand with his own. "I'm Adrien Agreste."

"I'm Marinette Dupain-Cheng!"

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