Chapter 8

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(Dark's POV)

Anti asked me if I could get Mark Here it 2 days, for (y/n) to meet. I said that I will try but I don't know how it's gonna work out, so I decided to get it over with.

{D=Dark M=Mark}

D, hey mark I need a favor from you

M, No i'm not killing anyone

D,no not that, its I need you to come here in two days


D,Because Anti has  girlfriend who is a fan,Jack is gonna be there too

M,Ok I'll be there.Is she hot?

D,YES, but she is with Anti

M,oh ok, I'll be there, but I will be the judge how good she is for the markimoo

D,ok  whatever bye

M,ok, bye

(Anti's POV)

I told Dark too ask if Mark will come down the same time Jack is coming down. It would mean so much to (y/n) I just want her to be happy, when she is happy I am too.

{Time skip to the next day}

I woke up the next morning looking at (y/n), she is so beautiful and nice. I think I say that to much but I'm fine with it, I slolwly got up to get a shower because I'm taking (y/n) out to lunch, and I want to be clean and not smell like a gym.After my shower, i put on a white shirt, jeans and a green sweatshirt. (y/n) was downstair's making breakfast went I came down, "whats for breakfast today babe" I said "We will be having just some bacon, eggs, and toast" "mmmmmm I can't wait". I then stat on the couch, put on the TV and waited for the breakfast. About 10 minutes later breakfast came and I basicly devoured the whole thing, "well someone was hungry' (y/n) said with a chuckle, "Well your cooking is good, so if your cooking is good then I'm gonna eat all of it" I say. (y/n) blushes and goes to get a shower. {I feel like this is shower day XD} A couple hours after (y/n's) shower I taker out for lunch.

(y/n POV)

Anti took me out for lunch at Subway {I know soooo fancy XD} , we both got sandwiches and sat down to eat, "So Anti, if you don't mind me asking, what were you and Dark whispering??" "Well it's a secret you will find out soon enough". "oh, ok then", "Well then what do u wanna do when we go home?" I ask in a wonder "Well I was thinking we could eat dinner and watch a movie" Anti says as he takes a bite out of his sandwich. ok that would be cool".

{Time skip to after dinner because I'm not typing all that out}

"Anti can we watch a scary movie?", "sure, I'll go get one" he says as he runs upstairs to go get a movie. He runs back down with (Insert a scary movie), he puts it in, we sit down with popcorn and a blanket and start watching the movie. Throughout the movie I got scared, and the more I did I got closer to Anti until I got so close if I moved and more closer I would be on top of him. At the end of the movie I ran upstairs put Pj's on and fell asleep.

{In dream land}

I woke up in a hallway , I stood up  and started walking  the more I walked  the more scared . I then got to a door, I was hesitant but I opened the door when I did I saw Anti laying on the floor  dead

{Exiting dream land}

I woke up screaming, Anti came running in the room "what happend (y/n)?" "Nothing  just a bad dream that's all" I say "oh, well now you have to deal with me". Anti says as he gets in bed with me and wraps his arms around me. I feel safe as he does this, I kiss him and fall asleep


I'm so sorry about how late the chapter is I had do some things, thank you guys for reading see you later, bye.

                                                                                   ~Author chan

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