Chapter 1

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Holtzmann's POV

I check my phone. 


Great, another sleepless night.

Ever since Abby, Patty, Erin, and I saved the world that one fateful day I haven't been able to sleep.

That was 4 months ago. 

"Hey brain, it's Jillian Holtzmann here. Maybe if you would quiet the fuck down that'd be just great. I'm a god damn Nuclear Engineer and I need sleep so if you could stop thinking about THE ONE THING IN THE UNIVERSE I CAN'T HAVE THAT'D BE GREAT!" I screamed at myself. 

I live with Abby, Patty, and Erin in our headquarters just incase.

But they're all used to my little outbursts in the middle of the night. It's actually kind of expected from me at this point. 

But whenever I walk down the street I'll get the occasional 'hello' or 'hey there' but then people always murmur like 'freak' or my favorite one, 'gay-ass, ghostbustin', brainiac.' But I really don't care.

Okay just to go on the record, yes. I am gay. Probably one of the gayest people you'll meet. But I hide it very, very well when it comes to spending 24 hours a day with 3 other girls who are half naked most of the mornings. But I'm not the kind of Lesbian who falls in love with every girl they meet.

Buuuuut, until recently it's been kinda hard to hide the fact recently. Due to this one girl.

Erin Gilbert.

Luckily the only person who notices, and really doesn't give a shit, is Patty.

She actually helps me flirt with Erin sometimes. Like, she'll get Abby to leave the with her and then Erin and I have time alone.

But it's so awkward ya know. 

I guess the fact that I haven't came out to anyone besides Patty yet is kinda a huge weight on my shoulders. But I guess that also means that they won't act so weird around me when their all in their underwear.

After collecting all my thoughts I look at my phone once again.


"You know what, I just going to get up, grab some coffee and head to work. The girls will be up in an hour anyways." I say to myself.

I get out of bed, head to my closet, throw on a t-shrit, my red robe, some joggers, and my combat boots and head out of my room.

"Oh shit," I say to myself. "I almost forgot about my hair."

My short hair only goes down to about half way down my neck so its easy to do. I take all the hair on the sides and put it in a tiny bun in the back, then I take the top part of my hair and flip it to one side. Done.

When I finally get to the kitchen I start to make my coffee. But I'm distracted with a noise that seems to be coming from the front door. 

Being the nosy person I am I run downstairs to the front door.

"We're not open for another hour, so I don't know if you wanna get some coffee somewhere and come back, or maybe just leave and come back." I say loudly trying to project my voice through the door.

"I LIVE HERE!! LET ME IN!" I hear a familiar voice say. So I open up the door.

"E-Erin? What are you doing outside it's like 4 in the morning. You should be in bed." I say as I let her in.

"Ya.. Well, sometimes, that's how it goes." She says with a slur.

"Erin, are you drunk?" I say as I look at the way she's walking, talking, and looking around.

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