Chapter 5 <3

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Harry's POV

Around dusk, I woke up, startled by a deer rustling around in a bush.

The throbbing in my right shoulder literally hit me like a ton of bricks. Carefully, I peeled my shirt off, examining the wound. I ripped my shirt the best I could to wrap it around my injury.

"Aghhh shiiiiit" I groaned. Pulling the fabric around my limp shoulder is a lot harder than I originally thought. All I could manage was to prop myself up on my elbow. Des stirred a bit and curled up into a ball on the muddy ground next to me.

At least we we're safe.

I hope.

I had to bite down hard on my good shoulder to keep from shouting in pain, anger, and frustration. Finally, I wrapped the white cloth around the bleeding wound. The red took over in a matter of seconds.

Exhaustion finally took over as I once again collapsed on the cold, hard, unforgiving ground.

Im my sleep, I remembered the first time I had met Des.

I was at a birthday party, and I don't mean 20 kids playing pin the tail on the donkey, I mean a huge bash for Carley Michelle. This was at least 250 sophomore students drinking, dancing, making out. Basically everyone was there. Carly Michelle was the daughter of the rich stock broker Benjamin Michelle and had a gigantic mansion with like at least 100 rooms. Her dad was off on a work trip so her friends decided to throw her a sweet 16 party.

I had been there for at least 2 hours, dancing and having a good laugh with a group of kids when Carley appeared. Im not sure weather she was really drunk or had always felt this way about me but she came up and started dancing with me. She was quite a bit attractive and I decided I might as well enjoy myself, so we swayed to the pounding music. After about 5 minutes of dancing, she got bored and led me down a long narrow hallway past many closed doors.

I figured she'd been with many other guys before so I didn't think she would care much about me.

Carley pulled me into a dimly lit room with deep purple walls and a clean white comforter on a perfectly made bed.

"Let's have ourselves a bit of fun" she slurred into my ear.

She started to tear away at the fabric of my shirt, her manicured nails intentionally scraping the back of my neck.

"Oh Styles," she purred," you look awfully nice in these trousers, too bad they have to go" and she looped her fingers through the belt loops tugging down on the tightly fitting pants. I remember her smirking, watching me stand in the middle of her floor exposed.

She slipped out of her short glittery cocktail dress and molded into my body.

"Com' on," Carley prodded me toward the clean bed. "Don't you be shy now" she giggled running her fingers up and down my torso, desire filling her eyes.

All of a sudden the door swung open and a petite girl stood in the doorway looking really helpless.

"Oh shit! Sorry where's the bathroom?" She stuttered, just before she collapsed on the floor. I immediately jumped up to help her.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Carley shrieked.

"Sorry, we cant do this" I plainly said.

I rushed over to the poor girl on the floor when I remembered that I was pants-less. I slipped on my trousers and wrapped my arms around the girl.

"What? Get out! How dare you take this pathetic poor girl instead of me?" Carley spat.

"Why don't you go find another guy, slut" I mumbled steadying the girl on her feet, dragging her out the door toward the back entrance of the house.

I put the girl on a bench and sat down, pulling her close into me, remembering that she must be cold. Im really not sure how long we waited there until she woke up.

She slowly looked up at me and then looked back down at the floor and vomited on her shoes.

"Oh my god I'm so sorry!" She worried.

"Ah no big deal" I explained "alcohol doesn't do you any good anyway,"

"Ugh, thank you so much. I am really sorry. I don't even know what I'm doing here. My friend pushed me into going tonight and- oh my god I'm so rude! Sorry I'm Desiree. You must really be thinking how weird this girl is talking on and on" she blushed under the bright moonlight.

"No big deal. Im Harry," I said back.

"Thank you so much" Desiree turned to look at me "god this is really embarrassing."

"Well its not exactly the best way of making a first impression," I chuckled.

"Hah, neither is walking in on someone having sex," She quipped.

I knew that there was something that made me immediately like her after that.

"That was never going to go anywhere, she was really drunk" I laughed.

She laughed. "Thats what you get for being a whore"

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