who I will tag

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So I have been tagged by someone a month ago so I will do the tagging spree you all have to do this OK got it I will read it all

kpopfan576 my sister I love you !!!!!!

aiswarya2002 you are a really good writer!!!
17ExoBoys you can do it I believe

Apisasian I am not sure if you did one but here you go

BeautifulSeventeen I agree with you seventeen is also beautiful

DaddyJoshua17 we both like Joshua?????

food_is_life_ food is life

fuxkboi_Mark I think you like mark so we like the same but I like you too bro

I will be expecting your guys facts about yourself hope you guys do it

I am also having a giveaway so go to my main story and read and do as it says so you can enter

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