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Pen Your Pride

hey guys, this is and my bestfriends first story that we wrote togher her account is houda789 first story please tell me if you want me to continue i promise next one will be better.


Chapter one

“Momma, momma I promise I –I promise! Ow! I promise i had nothing to do with it! Ow! My screams and pleads were insufficient. Nothing was getting me out of this.
“Jack! Come down here! You should know what she’s up to this time!” my mum yelled out of the door way with a belt hanging from her hand. Footsteps as loud as an elephants were approaching.
“What now?” dad had a drink in one hand, its label read; jack Daniels;
“What have you done you unworthy girl” he glared at me
I whimpered, scrambling to the furthest away place as he stomped towards me and grabbed a lock of my blond long hair, then a bunch.
“i asked you a question” he yelled and a hot striking pain hit my cheeks.
“She deserves more than that don’t you think so” mum suggested as she handed my dad the leather belt she had in her hands.
“You’ve learnt well.” he softly praised with a smile to my mother
“Dad! Dad! I didn’t do it! I didn’t do it “i tried.
He walked backwards making me scream and yell as he dragged me against the carpet floor towards my bed. “get on the bed”
“I didn’t do it!” i pleaded. 
“Tell him the truth! My mother yelled.
“But I am!” i cried 
“Tell him how you embarrassed us and told lies to that shrink at that school of yours!”
“You what!” my dad yelled, he threw back his hand with the belt.
I put my arms facing upwards covering myself. I felt the striking sensation of heat and swelling as if falling from the sky and hitting the floor as he belted my knees, face, arms and body,
“I didn’t do it! I really didn’t!” my voice cracked as I let out a distant yet croaky scream when I felt his muscle hand clutch my throat
“You’re the worst daughter anyone can have!” he heaved me up and threw me against the wall so that I felt tears in my mouth and the taste of blood.
“Actually from now on you’re not my daughter” the impacts of the collision made my head spin and my chest was aching with pain yet alone my whole body was.
“Dad” I coughed. “Dad it wasn’t me. It wasn’t me wasn’t me………” I fell to the floor, my body trembles in pain and exhaustion.
“You STILL don’t understand do you? When have we ever taught you to lie?” my mother’s scream sounded far away.
“My head rolled against my arm. I can’t take it anymore.
“Get up!” she yelled in my ear
“You heard your mother”
Again. I felt the burning sensation on my scalp, my arms outstretched and I forced myself to get up.
“Say anything and I will show you something you haven’t seen yet” my mother whispered in my ear and I was thrown against the floor with a firm thud.
I felt as if my heart beat was all over me, my legs, my arms, and my head.
I was silent waiting if my parents were going to come in again.
After seven minutes I decided to give in. I let out all my coughs I successfully suppressed and couldn’t figure out if blood was coming from my lungs or my tared gum. 
I sobbed a whimper after the other from the kicks of my mother.
They went too far TOO far……. I curled up into a ball, tears leaking and never drying up 
I then dreamt that I woke up the next day on a queen sized bed. I had a blanket on me and I was cleaned up but still bruised. There was a figure in my room, tall, he looked like he worked out pretty well he had straight hair that was up to a jaw line and his fringe was cut in a hemisphere just able to see his eyes if he had.
He didn’t even have a face. That what’s wrong with my dreams, I can’t see who he was
He walked towards me, leaned against me with his hands on my pillow on both sides of me and ………. Then i woke up………….

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