Kerrah: *takes a deep breathe* her we go

i walk in the room and look straight at the chair. To be honest i wasn't even scared no more. I mean me & August was friends after the break up . Well at least we tried to be. After all that shit went down with Ashley & august i was mad at the time but later i stared to get over when i realized I GET NIGGAS!  I walked over towards the chair . his back was turned towards me . I had a kool-aid smile on my face until this nigga turned around my faced droped.

Chris Brown: dam ma, what i do to you? 

Kerrah: Oh, no i was just expecting someone else...

Chris Brown: well I'm sorry for not being who you expected. your ashely , right?

Kerrah: Nigga no, (i said with an attiude) do i look like a ashley?

Chris Brown: *laughs* well your not who i expected either. Boss man said he was sending me a girl name ashley.  Well i guess they got yall mixed up.

Kerrah: well no im kerrah , And you paid for a dance and i dont know where ashley is so your kinda stuck with me for now. (omg i didnt know chris brown was so fucking sexy in person. His voice does something to me. He better stop licking his lips before i.... i felt something poking me . i relized i was still sitting on him.) *giggles* you still want your dance?

Chris Brown:*laughs* I'm sorry about that. My boy know what he likes. But check this how about we forget about the lap dance & we go get something to eat, my treat?

Kerrah: ( hell fucking yes , i wanna leave with him. But i just met him. Hes cute & all but he gotta come better that .) thanks, but i can't just leave work. 

Chris Brown: right, you  got a cell ? 

Kerrah: yea buts its in my bag

Chris Brown: Dam girl you complicated *laughs* well just save your number in my phone?

Kerrah: whats makes you think i want you to have my number?

Chris Brown: Cause imma keep bothering you about until you give it to me. (pulls out phone)

Kerrah: (grabs phone saves number as ''MyKERRAHpop♡'') here you go chris (gets up and walk towards the door & stopped) Chris stop looking at my ass (i turned around and saw him zoned into it)

Chris Brown: What ass? *laughs* 

Kerrah: Boy dont play (Starts making it clap a little bit & walks out)


That hoe had the nerve to slap me. That bitch got me all the way FUCKED up. Im still the kaangg around this bitch. I should of just slapped that hoe right in the fucking face. I had to leave before i killed her ass. I needed to smoke drank something. I was finna call llyod till i bumped into a lil shorty.)

August: Dam mybad lil mama( my eyes popped wide open)
Ramon: aye yo Aug...kerrah?  dafuq you got on? what the fuck you doing  here?
Kerrah:excuse me have to go (running off)

sorry I didn't update last night.  I got totally distracted. but the next upload will be on Friday!!

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